HC Chapter 260

“Little Yinyin has been learning the piano recently, so I followed and studied it.” Ye Jingzhan frowned, “But there are a few points here that I didn’t understand, I wonder if Mr. Fu knows how to play the piano?”

When Fu Beijue was only five or six years old, he had learned the piano, only to put it aside later when he wasn’t interested.

But there was never much pressure on him to read such books.

He took Ye Jingzhan’s book over and sat down directly on the sofa, asking in a slow voice, “Where can’t you read?”

Ye Jingzhan walked up to his side and sat down on the sofa as well.

The two people were very close to each other.

Fu Beijue was a little slightly surprised.

Previously, when he was at the Ye family, Ye Jingzhan had always kept a distance from him, and there was always a certain hostility implied in the way this child looked at him.

But now, this child was actually so close to him.

Did he accept him?

Fu Beijue slightly curved his lips and said in a light voice: “This is the most basic piano pentameter, each note represents ……”

He spoke eloquently.

While Ye Jingzhan’s eyes slowly swept towards his shoulders.

This black suit was very neat and tidy, not a trace of dust could be seen.

It took Ye Jingzhan quite a while before he finally saw a short piece of black hair on his collar.

At the end of the black hair, there was still a hair follicle.

Ye Jingzhan raised his hand without moving and said indifferently, “Uncle Fu, there is dust on you.”

He reached out his hand and patted it.

Fu Beijue didn’t notice the difference as he handed over the five lines, “Do you understand when I explain it like this?”

“Thank you Uncle Fu, I understand.”

Ye Jingzhan picked up the book and continued flipping through it, very much immersed in it.

Fu Beijue stared at his side face, somehow he always felt that this child was becoming more and more similar to Fu Ziyan.

At the side, Little Yinyin was eating a big bite of cake.

Butler Qiao placed all the snacks in front of the little girl and watched with a smile as she ate: “Miss Yinyin, slow down, don’t choke …… There is also ice cream here, after you have a few bites of cake, come and have some ice cream, it’s delicious, the young master likes this kind of ice cream the most ……”

As he was saying that, Fu Ziling stomped down from upstairs.

Fu Ziling had heard Ye Yunla’s voice a long time ago, but he was still in cla*s and the teacher was blocking the door to keep him from coming down, so he was in a hurry.

In the end he finished two maths problems on fire before the teacher finally let him off the hook.

“Sister Yinyin, I miss you so much ……”

Fu Ziling flew over and hugged Little Yinyin’s neck.

Every time they met before, he would hug Little Yinyin ……

This time, however, the little girl pushed him away without mercy.

Fu Ziling had just rushed down from the stairs, he didn’t stand still, and when he was pushed by Little Yinyin, he fell to the ground so unawares.

Little Yinyin didn’t expect that she would fall with a casual push.

She got up violently and wanted to go over and help Fu Ziling up, but suddenly she didn’t know what came to her mind and sat back down, lowering her head and continuing to eat the cake.

“Sister Yinyin, don’t you like me anymore?” Fu Ziling sat on the floor and tilted her head up in aggression, “You clearly weren’t like this before, why do you suddenly not like me anymore, what did I do wrong?”

Last time at Yunla’s aunt’s house, Yinyin’s sister had rejected him, he thought it was because Yinyin was in a bad mood and didn’t take it seriously.

But today, Yinyin sister actually made a move on him ……