HC Chapter 259

Ye Yunla drove the car to the Fu family villa.

Today Fu Beijiu had brought her to meet Li Snap, then she must also keep her appointment and come over to cook for Fu Ziling.

She walked into the Fu family villa holding the two children, followed by Fu Beiji …… at her side

The sunset light shone right on the faces of the four people in the group.

Butler Qiao had the feeling that this was a family of four ……

And that boy’s features, and Mr. even half a dozen similar, a rough look, but also some like the eldest young master ……

If he didn’t know that this was Miss Ye’s son, he almost thought that there were three young masters in their Fu family ……

Butler Qiao pushed down the shock in his heart and said with a smile, “Young Master Ye, Miss Yinyin, we meet again.”

When Fu Ziling was hospitalized before, Housekeeper Qiao had gotten to know these two children.

Although Miss Yinyin didn’t like to talk, he couldn’t help the little girl looking cute and wearing a pink dress, just like a soft glutinous rice ball.

He couldn’t wait for the gentleman to hurry up and have another daughter down, she would definitely be as cute and pretty as Miss Yum Yum.

“Housekeeper Qiao, you can call me Jing’er, just call my sister Little Yinyin.” Ye Jingzhan said good-naturedly.

Butler Qiao touched his face and squatted in front of little Yinyin and said, “Miss Yinyin, Grandpa Qiao can carry you in, there are many desserts prepared in the house, there is chocolate black forest cake and strawberry flavored ice cream ……”

The little girl’s eyes lit up with a light.

Butler Qiao took the opportunity to pick her up, and she did not refuse, obediently following inside.

Ye Yunla was a little surprised: “Little Yinyin actually doesn’t reject Housekeeper Qiao?”

“Fu Zi Ling is so stubborn, Housekeeper Qiao has long since mastered the secret of coaxing children.” Fu Beijue explained from the side, “Hearing that you were coming over today, Housekeeper Qiao had been preparing early in the morning.”

Ye Yunla nodded and walked in.

Just as she reached the entrance to the foyer, the maid brought over a pair of pink ladies’ slippers, which had just been bought at first glance.

Fu Beijue said indifferently, “You have to come often in the future, I had the maid prepare a pair.”

Ye Yunla raised her eyes to look at Little Yinyin who was not far away, the little girl had a pair of little rabbit plush slippers on her feet instead.

Ye Jingzhan, on the other hand, had a pair of grey slippers without any pattern, which suited his personality.

Ye Yunla spoke softly, “I’m bothering you guys.”

“It’s mostly a bother to you, Fu Ziling is a picky eater and the Fu family changes the chef on average every seven days, if I didn’t really have no other choice, I wouldn’t have opened up to you about this.” Fu Beijiu explained in a soft voice.

He led her into the kitchen.

The kitchen was huge, and the place where the ingredients were laid out was all fresh and varied, no less than a small vegetable market.

The cooks stood at the side, looking as if they were waiting for orders.

Ye Yunla walked in, glanced at the ingredients and said in a slow voice, “You all rest, I’ll do it.”

The cooks respectfully said, “Just tell Miss Ye what to cook, we are responsible for washing and cutting the vegetables and preparing them.”

The kitchen got busy in an orderly manner.

Fu Beijue stood at the kitchen door, his gaze always following Ye Yunla’s figure.

Suddenly he felt that there was nothing wrong with having an extra woman in the house ……

He leaned against the kitchen doorway and just kept watching until Ye Jingzhan walked over.

“Uncle Fu, can I ask you a few questions?”

Ye Jingzhan tugged on the hem of his shirt.

Fu Beijiu came back to his senses, he swept a glance at the book in Ye Jingzhan’s hand, “You still have research on music?”

Ye Jingzhan was holding a piano pentatonic book.

This was something that Ye Xueying had bought back when she was practicing piano at Fu’s house before, and it was casually placed on the bookshelf.