HC Chapter 247

The car drove smoothly and soon arrived at the doorstep of the house.

Ye Yunla pushed open the car door and got out, walking to the back seat and carrying the two children down.

“Auntie Yunara, you’re finally back.”

A soft and sticky voice rang out behind her.

Ye Yunla turned around to see a cool kid in a denim outfit darting towards her, zipping into her arms like a little meatball.

“Little Ling Ling, what brings you here?”

Fu Ziling hugged Ye Yunara’s neck and said in a muffled voice, “I’m so hungry, I’m starving, I want to eat the noodles cooked by Auntie Yunara ……”

Ye Yunla had a bit of a headache, “You’re not sneaking out behind your daddy’s back again, are you?”

“No, really not!” Fu Ziling shook his head frantically, “I told daddy about it and only after daddy agreed did I come over!”

Auntie Yunla had said that if he ever dared to sneak out of the house again, she would never see him again, a statement he remembered very well.

At this moment, a young bodyguard of about twenty years old came over, “Hello Miss Ye, I am the young master’s personal bodyguard, my name is Yao Hui, Mr. ordered me to escort the young master over and explained that he would be sent home in an hour.”

Only then was Ye Yunla relieved, “Okay, then go inside first.”

The group pushed the door open and went inside, she explained again, “Jing’er, take little Yinyin and little Lingling and play with them for a while, the meal will be ready soon.”

Ye Jingzhan pursed his lips and nodded lightly.

Although this fellow Fu Zi Ling was annoying and clingy, one had to admit that this fellow genuinely liked his sister.

As long as someone was genuinely good to his sister, he couldn’t hate them.

However, when Ye Jingzhan looked up again, he noticed that Little Yinyin’s mood seemed a little off.

On that pretty face was an appalling coldness.

Every time Fu Ziling came over, that coldness became even more appalling ……

But Fu Ziling didn’t notice it at all.

Sister Yinyin didn’t like to talk in the first place, so it was normal to ignore him ……

“Wow, Yinyin sister, is this the toy you usually play with, this puzzle looks so difficult, it’s all the same colour, I can’t tell where to put it ……”

Fu Ziling took the puzzle and drummed on it.

Little Yinyin’s white and tender root-like arms reached over and snatched the puzzle away, throwing it into the box and closing it, her face full of frost.

Fu Ziling picked up another block: “Wow, where did you get these blocks? I’ve never seen them before, they look like fun.

Little Yinyin lowered her eyebrows and stuffed the blocks into the cupboard.

Fu Ziling picked his little brain, “Yinyin sister, the teacher said to share the toys oh ……”

Ye Jingzhan walked over with a toy box and said indifferently, “Inside here are blocks and puzzles, you can play with them as you wish.”

Fu Ziling hurriedly dumped out the toys in the box.

This was a toy that Ye Jingzhan had played with when he was more than two years old, and it was just right for Fu Ziling to play with it. He was having fun playing with it, asking Ye Jingzhan for advice from time to time.

Ye Jingzhan had a book on his lap, answering Fu Ziling’s questions in a casual manner, while at the same time, looking at his sister with a little concern.

Little Yinyin’s world was very small, and there were only a few scattered people in it. Fu Ziling had easily entered his sister’s world, so why did she have to expel this person again?

He was with his sister every moment of every day, what was going on that he didn’t know about?

Ye Yunla watched the living room as she cooked.

The three children were sitting on the crawling mat like three soft glutinous rice balls, looking extraordinarily warm and harmonious.