HC Chapter 240

Sun Yan held his back and huffed in pain.

Although he had expected this, he still felt shocked when he was lifted up and dropped to the ground ……

He was really too miserable ……

“Second young master Sun, are you alright?” Chief Guo hurriedly went over and helped the man up, “This waist must be broken, I have safflower oil in my office, let me go and rub it for you.”

Hearing that his waist was broken, Sun Yan’s face turned black with anger: “Your waist is the one that’s broken, your whole family’s waist is broken! If Ye Yunla dares to treat me like this, I’m not finished with her!”

The last sentence was purely to get back ……

He stood up with difficulty holding his back and limped into the lift ……

Mr. Guo said blankly, “What the hell is going on here?”

“General Guo, did you see, just now General Ye dropped Second Young Sun on the floor, and Second Young Sun is very angry!” The secretary said with a serious face, “Besides being a playboy, Sun’s second youngest is also a mongrel, no one who offends him has anything good to eat, Mr. Ye is finished! I’m sure that Lara Star Technology will not survive tomorrow.”

“Is that so?”

Mr Guo was full of suspicion.

Why did he feel that Sun Er Shao was acting like a grandson in front of Mr. Ye ……


Ye Yunla sat down on her office chair and opened her computer to find the information of last night’s cruise party.

She searched out the list of guests who had participated in the party, then lined up the photos one by one and finally found the man.

Chen Tianqian!

She narrowed her eyes and typed in this person’s name in the search bar.

There was a lot of information on the internet about Chen Tianqian – the CEO of Tianqian Group, 34 years old, married with a child and a ten year old son.

Tianqian Group, a company that does electronic processing, is quite famous, because it is opened in the capital, it is considered a power in the capital circle, and has an advantage when cooperating with foreign companies, this time Chen Tianqian came to Haicheng, just to pull in investment …… The name of the capital circle of influence is very useful, and many investors in Haicheng have been attracted there ……

Ye Yunla’s lips were tightly pursed.

Five years ago, Chen Tianqian was twenty-nine years old, and at that time, he already had a wife and his son was five years old.

But this man, in Hai Cheng, possessed a young girl who was only eighteen years old and ruined that young girl’s life ……

Just such a person, actually still in front of the media to create a good husband, good father persona, won the netizens a praise.

Ye Yunla only felt disgusted.

She closed the webpage, her mind in a tangle of complications.

For the past few years, she had purposely avoided talking about the children’s biological father, and whenever Jing’er asked, she had also avoided talking about it.

But now, Chen Tianqian had appeared.

If Chen Tianqian found out about the existence of the two children ……

She didn’t dare to imagine such a terrible consequence.

For some reason, a strong feeling of unease surfaced in Ye Yunla’s heart.

Before it was time for school to end, she drove to the kindergarten. She parked her car opposite the kindergarten and waited quietly.

Ten minutes before the end of school, a black business car entered her field of vision.

Her eyes swept over to see the driver of this car get out, walk to the back seat and pull open the door at the back.

A middle-aged man in a suit stepped down.

As soon as she saw the man’s face, Ye Yunla’s entire body was struck by lightning.

Chen Tianqian!

She was still struggling to find out about this man during the day, and this man had appeared.

Why had he come to the kindergarten!

Did he know about the children’s existence?

Ye Yunla was trembling all over.

The nightmare from five years ago, the one that had suddenly appeared before her eyes, had terrified her entire being.

She took a deep breath and tried to calm down her emotions.

Five years ago, she was an eighteen-year-old girl, and it made sense to fear everything.

But now, she was twenty-three and the mother of two children, and she could no longer be so afraid.

No matter what Chen Tianqian’s intentions were, she would rise to the occasion.

No matter what happened, she would protect her two children.

Ye Yunla took out her mobile phone and called Yu Jiao.