HC Chapter 234

“Mummy, why do you sound so strange?”

“I just ate something spicy and my throat is a little dry, so I’ll stop talking and call you back later.”

“Okay mommy.”

Hanging up the phone, Ye Yunla slumped straight onto the sofa.

The tip of her tongue, was bitten out, and the taste of blood spread in her mouth.

Fu Beijue looked at her in the rearview mirror, and suddenly some slight pain spread thinly in her heart.

The heart hurts a little.

Is it the feeling of heartache?

He drove in silence and sped the car to the highest speed.

Ten minutes later, the car stopped at the entrance of the hospital, and at this moment, Ye Yunla had already lost consciousness, a trace of blood running down between her lips.

She was already beautiful, and this trace of blood added a bit more charm to her whole person.

It was as if Fu Beijue was under some kind of compulsion.

When he bent down to pick her up, he inadvertently brushed her lips and kissed that trace of blood into his own.

The fishy sweet blood.

It made a certain emotion in his heart ferment quickly.

The weed buried at the bottom of his heart grew into a huge tree in an instant.

Ye Yunla was sent to the emergency room to have her stomach pumped.

Fu Beijue stood in the corridor with a dark look under his eyes.

He had lived for over twenty years and had never cared about anyone.

The first person he cared about was the two children who fell from the sky ……

But those two children were related to him by blood, so it was only right that he cared about them.

But what about Ye Yunla?

Why did he feel some kind of affection for her?

It wasn’t a passing interest.

Nor was it an impulse.

Where did this affection come from, and why was it so strong ……

Fu Beijue sat outside the emergency room for half an hour before Ye Yunla was brought out.

The nurse pushed Ye Yunla into the ward, gave her fluids and injections, and explained, “She can only drink water when she wakes up, and then prepare food like thin porridge and noodles for her twelve hours later.”

Fu Beijue nodded, “Is she staying in the hospital tonight?”

“Overdose of medication, needs to stay in hospital for a full night of fluids, should be discharged tomorrow morning.”

“I understand, thank you doctor.”

After the doctor went out, the ward was quiet and only the sound of the medicine dripping could be heard.

Fu Beijue sat by the hospital bed and covered Ye Yunla with the blanket before he brought her phone over.

He found Ye Jingzhan’s number and dialed it directly.

“Hello, mummy, are you back?” On the other end of the phone, Ye Jingzhan’s well-behaved voice came out.

“It’s me.”

Fu Beijue had just uttered two words when he felt the breath on the other end of the phone lag for a moment.

He continued to speak, “Your mommy can’t go back tonight, so I’ll have housekeeper Qiao go over to take care of you and Little Yinyin.”

Originally, he thought he could send Ye Yunla home with just an injection.

Who knew that there would be fluids after the stomach wash and that the woman was still in a coma.

Ye Jingzhan would call sooner or later to ask about it, so it was better to just show his hand.

That boy was too smart, his IQ was certainly not lower than Fu Ziyan’s, and there was no need to beat around the bush when talking to a smart person.

Fu Beijue’s voice was faint: “Your mommy had a little accident, she is being infused in the hospital, don’t worry, and don’t tell Little Yinyin.”

“What kind of accident?”

Ye Jingzhan’s voice was much colder and deeper.

If other children had heard that something had happened to their mommy, they would have cried out in anxiety.

But Ye Jingzhan was different, he was so calm that he didn’t even look like a four year old.

“He drank a glass of wine by mistake and is in the hospital to have his stomach pumped.” Fu Beijiu told the truth, “This is a misunderstanding, tomorrow morning, I will send your mommy back unharmed.”

Ye Jingzhan slowly squeezed his five fingers tightly.

He glanced at Little Yinyin who was leaning on the sofa and yawning continuously, his voice fuming, “Thank you Uncle Fu, there’s no need to send Grandpa Qiao over, I can take care of my sister.”