HC Chapter 233

Fu Beijiu went to the bathroom and wrung out a wet towel and came over.

He stood by the bed, leaned down and whispered, “I’ll cool you down.”

His hand reached over and the hormonal scent became even more intense.

Ye Yunla’s pupils tightened violently.

Her body curled up and kept shrinking into the corner of the bed.

She picked up a pillow and threw it over, saying in terror, “Don’t you come over, don’t you touch me …… Get out, you get out, don’t touch me ……”

Her eyes were filled with lust, yet filled with panic.

Fu Beijue pursed his lips, “I won’t touch you, I just want to make you feel better.”

The sound of his voice made Ye Yunla wake up a little.

It was Fu Beijue!

Not the demon from five years ago!

Her voice trembled as she said, “Mr. Fu …… Can you, take me to, to the hospital ……”

Fu Beijiu wrinkled his brow in some chagrin.

How could he forget that it was still possible to go to the hospital.

He had actually been misled by that unreliable b*****d Sun Yan.

He took his own suit off and said in a deep voice, “Put it on, I’ll carry you down to the cruise first.”

Ye Yunla reached out to take the suit over.

But her arms were half-strong, and the clothes fell onto the bed just as they landed in her hands.

She shook her hand, but she couldn’t grab the suit.

“I’ll do it.”

Fu Beijue had just bent over when Ye Yunla shrank back in horror.

The smell of this man’s body always brought back horrible memories of her five years ago ……

If she hadn’t just met the demon from five years ago, she would almost have thought that Fu Beijue was the same person from five years ago ……

“I won’t touch you, don’t be afraid.”

Fu Beijue’s voice was low, soft and cold, with a strange magical power.

Ye Yunla gradually relaxed.

The man wrapped his arm around her shoulders and rested his suit jacket on her back.

Then he picked her up in a horizontal embrace.

Fu Beijue hugged her and walked out with big steps.

Although Ye Yunla’s face was hidden in the suit jacket, it still attracted the attention of countless people.

“The woman Mr. Fu is holding in his arms, it can’t be Ye Yunla, can it?”

“The person in the purple dress can only be Ye Yunla, she’s such a demon, she can actually hook Mr. Fu’s heart.”

“Where is Mr. Fu going to carry her this time?”

“Where else can we go, to a room!”

“My heart is broken!”

“My dreams are shattered ……”

As countless women watched, Fu Beijue carried Ye Yunla to the car.

She was placed on the back seat, her body curled into a ball, her whole body shaking, her sanity festering a little.


Suddenly, her mobile phone vibrated.

She fumbled the phone out, desperately trying to hold her eyelids together before she saw the name on the caller ID.

Her whole body was instantly mostly awake.

She propped herself up by holding on to her seat belt and slowly said, “Mr. Fu, can you answer the phone for me? Just say I’m going to the bathroom and it’s inconvenient.”

She looked like this, her voice was hoarse as hell, if Jing’er heard her, she would be worried.

She didn’t want Jing’er to worry.

Fu Beijue gripped the steering wheel and said indifferently, “Your son is so smart, do you think he will believe my words?”

Ye Yunla gripped her phone tightly.


Jing’er was so smart.

If she let Fu Beijue answer the phone, it would in turn make Jing’er even more suspicious.

She took a deep breath and bit the tip of her tongue to death before putting the call through: “Hey, Jing’er, I’m a little busy over here ……”