HC Chapter 232

Ye Yunla’s body followed the fire, her face, neck and chest were all flushed with an abnormal flush.

Fu Beijue hurriedly poured her a gla*s of cold water: “Drink it quickly.”

Ye Yunla drank all the water in one gulp, but her throat was still dry and hoarse, and the fire in her body was burning brighter and brighter.

She unconsciously tugged at her collar, revealing the snow-white spring light ……

Fu Beijue parted his eyes.

He collected his eyebrows, turned around and walked out of the private room, kicked open the door of the next room and raised his hand to grab Sun Yan’s collar.

“Where’s the antidote?”

Sun Yan was startled.

Pretending to be calm, he said, “The antidote is the man, if you f*ck her, she’ll be fine ……”


Fu Beijue punched him in the face.

Then picking up his collar again, he said, word by word, gritting his teeth, “Is there anything else besides this solution?”

Sun Yan swallowed a mouthful of cold air: “No, no more ……”

Fu Beijiu kicked him away and folded his body to leave the private room.

“You’ve overplayed your hand this time!” Wang Changqing had palpitations, “I’ve never seen Beijue lose his temper so much.”

Sun Yan slumped on the sofa, “It’s too hard to be a brother, before I was beaten up by Ye Yunla, now I’m being beaten up by Fu Beijue, in the future when they’re together, won’t I have to be doubled up by both men and women ……”

He silently lit a wax for himself.

Wang Changqing sent him a pair of white eyes, too lazy to say anything else.

The temperature in the next booth, meanwhile, continued to rise.

Ye Yunla felt like a fish stranded on the beach.

She pulled open her collar, hoping that the cold air would come in and wrap her up, so that she would feel better.

But the private room was closed, not at all airy, and she was panting and holding her body up, teetering on the edge of life and death ……

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are doing.

The words of Sun Yan kept echoing in his mind.

But he couldn’t do it.

One night five years ago.

He had been plied with alcohol by Sun Yan, and that night, something uncontrollable had happened.

He slept with Ye Xueying.

It was the thing he regretted the most in his life, and the thing he hated to remember.

In his world view, men and women should be based on love in order to be entangled and entangled with each other.

Not by some kind of drug.


It was because of him that Ye Yunla had been set up by Sun Yan.

He was obliged to help her.

Fu Beijue stepped away and slowly walked to the bedside.

The man’s scent came over him.

A familiar scent.

Like the smell of sea salt ……

With strong hormones ……

Ye Yunla shuddered.

That night five years ago had come crashing down on her like a nightmare.

In a daze, it was as if she saw that man coming towards her.

Like a hungry wolf, he pinned her to the bed, and no matter how much she resisted and struggled, she could not escape. That man, without mercy, took her ……

She was only eighteen years old ……

Her fantasies of a better future were all ruined that night.

She was forced to grow up, forced to be strong, forced to take on all the things she shouldn’t ……