HC Chapter 230

It wouldn’t take so long to go to the bathroom.

“Beijue, hurry up and go out to find Ye Yunla, if you’re late, the duck will fly away!” Sun Yan made an exaggerated hand gesture.

Fu Beijue looked at him coldly: “What did you do?”

“I mixed a gla*s of wine for Miss Ye and added some good stuff to it.” Sun Yan smiled ambiguously, “This is a godsend that money can’t even buy, I’ve helped you so much, how do you think I should be thanked?”

Fu Beijue’s eyes fiercely darkened.

He picked up the wine that Ye Yunla had drunk and sniffed it, and his expression changed drastically.

He poured the wine over Sun Yan’s face with his backhand, turned around and pulled the door open to walk out.

“Hey! You’re crazy!” Sun Yan wiped the wine off his face, “Wang Changqing, do you think he’s crazy! I went to all the trouble to help him and he actually dared to make a move on me, I’m furious!”

Wang Changqing rolled his eyes, “Can’t you see that Beijue is seriously pursuing Miss Ye, and when you make such a stunt, it becomes Beijue’s way of setting her up …… The first thing you need to do is to get the best out of it.

Sun Yan froze: “Then is it too late for me to escape now?”


The medicine took effect and Ye Yunla’s entire body felt like it had been drained of its strength.

The man in front of her blocked her path and squeezed her wrist.

What was even more deadly was that this man, surprisingly, was the one who had possessed her five years ago ……

In other words, this man, was the father of Jing’er and Little Yinyin ……

Ye Yunla’s heart floated with revulsion and disgust.

That night at the age of eighteen had ruined her life, and along with it, she hated the father of her two children beyond measure.

She exerted all her strength, raised her hand and slapped it fiercely across the face.


A crisp slap rang out over the heaving waves.

The man didn’t expect her to have the strength to do it even in this state, and his face turned blue with anger.

He yanked Ye Yunla’s wrist and said in a grim voice, “Drinking like this, isn’t it just to try to hook up with a rich man on a cruise ship? Five years ago it was like this, five years later it’s still like this! For the sake of your good looks, I don’t care how many men you’ve actually been f*cked by over the years!”

The man tugged at Ye Yunla’s wrist and dragged her towards the side booth.

Just at that moment –

A long, slender, straight figure appeared at the other end of the corridor.

As soon as he appeared, the temperature in the corridor dropped by a dozen degrees in vain, like the sudden arrival of a cold winter month.

“Let her go.”

Fu Beijue came step by step, his face cold and stern, like an evil shura coming out of hell.

It was as if Ye Yunla had seen a straw that saved her life.

She was still holding on to her breath, planning to sneak in when this man wasn’t looking ……

But at this moment, all her breath had been deflated.

I don’t know why, but her heart was so sure that Fu Beijue would never let anything happen to her ……

Obviously the two of them don’t have too deep a friendship either ……

“So it’s Mr. Fu.” The man narrowed his eyes, “We met once in the capital, does Mr. Fu still remember me?”

Fu Beijiu snorted lightly, “What small role is worth remembering?”

His voice, nonchalant, carried mockery.

The man’s face turned a minute colder.

No matter how he said it, he was a man in the circle of power in the capital, to be so despised ……

Before he could say anything, Fu Beijue had already walked over.

His strong arms reached over, and with a fetch of his big hands, Ye Yunla was wrapped into his arms.

Fu Beijue’s pair of cold eyes fell on the man, “If you dare to think about something that doesn’t belong to you again, then don’t even think about hanging out in Haicheng.”

He turned around with Ye Yunla in his arms and walked away.