HC Chapter 217

“Sister Yinyin, don’t you like Barbie dolls too?”

Fu Ziling wrinkled his bun face in distress.

Guessing what was on Yinyin’s sister’s mind was simply harder than doing maths problems.

He sighed, “Then let’s sneak out and play, we can’t let daddy find out ……”

Little Yinyin obediently went downstairs with him.

Fu Ziling led her around from the bottom of the stairs ……

Just a few steps out, Little Yinyin’s footsteps stopped.

She liked the piano better than the slide.

The teacher had given her new homework yesterday and she hadn’t practiced once yet.

So the little girl shook off Fu Ziling’s hand and sat down in front of the piano.

The beautiful sound of the piano rang out.

Fu Ziling’s eyes lit up: “Wow, sister Yinyin, you still know how to play the piano, it’s so nice, I’ve never heard such a nice tune ……”

The piano piece finally broke the awkward atmosphere in the living room.

Fu Beijiu turned his head.

At the piano by the stairs sat a little girl in a pink dress.

She straightened her back, her white and slender fingers swept across the piano keys, and a cheerful children’s song poured out, pleasing to the eye.

Fu Beijiu was slightly surprised.

She was only four years old and her piano skills had reached this level.

Little Yinyin should be very talented in music ……

He was about to say a few words to Ye Yunara when the woman sitting opposite him suddenly got up and walked over.

“Little Yinyin, you just played a note wrong.”

Ye Yunla stood at the piano, patiently instructing.

The little girl C*cked her head and listened carefully to the advice, then played it again.

“Strange ……” Ye Yunla frowned, “The tone is accurate, but it doesn’t feel right, little yin yin, you follow mummy once ……”

She sat down at the other end of the bench.

Mother and daughter played four-handedly as if no one was watching ……

Fu Ziling didn’t like music, and whenever Ye Xueying played the piano, he only felt that it was noisy.

But at this moment, he felt as if this piece of music had magic powers, making him intoxicated and filled with relief.

Fu Beijue’s gaze fell on Ye Yunla’s back.

Her posture in playing the piano was inexplicably familiar to him.

His memory was once again pulled back to that chance encounter many years ago at Hai Cheng First High School.

Why did he feel that Ye Yunla’s back was somewhat similar to that young girl back then ……

Perhaps his eyes were too burning, and Ye Yunara had a feeling like a mane on her back.

She jerked to a halt and the music came to a screeching halt.

Little Yinyin twisted her head, her grape-like eyes tinged with confusion.

“Better go back and ask your teacher tonight, Mummy can’t figure out what’s wrong ……”

Ye Yunla stood up, and she turned back in a fake bashful manner.

She met Fu Beijue’s dark, deep, and probingly scrutinizing eyes.

This man, how to look at her with such eyes ……

The heartbeat of Ye Yunla suddenly increased.

She pursed her lips and said with an unperturbed face, “It’s getting late, I’ll go and order a bowl of noodles for little Ling Ling first.”

She turned around and went to the kitchen.

Fu Beiji lowered his eyebrows.

Although he didn’t know why, it was obvious that this woman was avoiding him.

He pursed his lips, got up and went upstairs into his study.

He had just a few questions to ask her about this A-F project ……

In the living room, only Fu Ziling and Little Yinyin were left.

Little Yinyin had an obsessive streak, what she didn’t figure out, she had to figure out, so she played the same tune over and over again ……

Outside the villa.