HC Chapter 212

Then sent a voice-over-

“Zi Yan, this is a video sent to me by a friend, the middle-aged woman in the video is the mother of the driver who hit and injured little Ling Ling …… If what the mother of the perpetrator said is true, then this incident must have been done by Ye Yunla!”

This morning, Fu Ziyan had cla*ses scheduled.

He was reading a book in his study when his phone vibrated.

He squinted his eyes to see Ye Yunla’s name.

Maybe it was because Fu Zi Yan was too concerned about this woman, Ye Yun La, maybe it was because Ye Yun La had a grudge against her mother, maybe it was because of something else at work …… Fu Ziyin was extra interested in all things about Ye Yunla.

In the past, when he was studying or working, he never answered calls and messages from Ye Xueying as long as they came from him.

But this time, he clicked this message on, and when he clicked it in, the video started to play automatically ……

After the video was finished, Ye Xueying sent over another voice: “Ziyan, this matter is Ye Yunla’s doing, you must help Little Ling Ling get justice!”

Fu Ziyan pursed his lips and was about to turn the switch off.

At the side, a large palm suddenly reached over and took his phone away.

He lifted his head and saw Fu Beijiu who had walked up to him at some point.

Fu Beijiu clicked on the video and after watching it, he smiled coldly, “It seems I was negligent, I actually didn’t bother to check the mother of the perpetrator.”

“Daddy, don’t look into it.”

Fu Ziyan stood up and said with pursed lips.

Fu Beijiu stared at him and spoke slowly, “Give me a reason.”

“When the perpetrator’s mother spoke, her eyes fluttered and her demeanor was very stereotypical, and it looked like she had been rehearsed many times.” Fu Ziyan lowered his eyes and said, “And this scene, which happened to be filmed by the mother and sent to me, at a glance, I knew who had directed it. I can understand my mother’s fear, so I hope Daddy will give her another chance.”

Fu Beijiu spoke in a light voice: “So you don’t believe that Fu Ziling’s car accident is related to Ye Yunla?”

“I’ve sent someone to check and it has nothing to do with Ye Yunla.” Fu Ziyan raised his eyes, “However, if she wants to use Fu Ziling to marry into our Fu family, there is no way I will agree to it.”

Fu Beijiu snorted lightly, “How old are you, do you understand what marrying means? Read your books well, don’t worry about grown-up matters all day long.”

After he finished, he turned around and walked out of the study.

Fu Ziyan sat at his desk, a dark sink under his eyes.

He felt so conflicted.

On one hand, he hated Ye Yunla for using Fu Zi Ling.

On the other hand, he had a crush on this woman and couldn’t help but pay attention to everything about this woman.

He didn’t know what was wrong with him ……

Moreover, he also found that he was becoming increasingly antipathetic to his mother.

In the past, he would keep this antipathy deep in his heart, but recently, he could not suppress it ……

The phone on the table vibrated as Fu Ziyan was thinking this.

He scanned the caller ID and snapped the phone shut with his opposite hand.

But the phone was still ringing tirelessly ……

The buzzing sound made Fu Ziyan feel extra annoyed.

He wrinkled his brow and put the phone through.

“Zi Yan, the video I just sent you, have you seen it?”