HC Chapter 206

“Lara Star Technology, right?”

Ye Jingzhan’s heart sank.

This man really did know everything.

He pursed his lips and lifted his steps to walk into the ward.

He pushed the door open and stood at the door of the ward, “Mummy, I want to go home.”

Ye Yunla was feeding, she froze for a moment, “Why do you suddenly want to go back, wait for another five minutes, I’ll leave after feeding little Ling Ling.”

“I want to go back now.”

Ye Jingzhan had rarely been so stubborn, and had almost never been so capricious in front of so many people.

Ye Yunla thought he was not feeling well, so she had to put the unfinished meal in Fu Beijue’s hand, “You feed little Lingling, we’ll go first.”

Ye Jingzhan had already turned around and walked away, so Ye Yunla took little Yinyin and chased after him.

Only the father and son were left in the sickroom in an instant.

Fu Ziling still had rice in his mouth, and as he looked at the suddenly empty ward, his mouth flattened: “Daddy, you’re so bad, you scared Ye Jingzhan away as soon as you arrived! As soon as he left, Auntie Yunla and Sister Yinyin left too, woo woo woo, I’m so pathetic ……”

He opened his mouth and cried so loudly that all the rice in his mouth spilled onto the bed.

Fu Beijiu: “……”

He also wanted to know why that boy Ye Jingzhan had to leave all of a sudden for a good reason.

He also thought the conversation was of high quality, and he couldn’t figure out which of his words had offended Ye Jingzhan even if he thought about it.

Only, now was not the time to think about that, because Fu Ziling was crying miserably and a bowl of soup on the hospital bed table had been spilled over and was full of wreckage ……

Ye Yunla walked to the entrance of the hospital with her two children.

At first she thought it was because Ye Jingzhan was not feeling well, but now she has a vague sense that it’s not that simple.

She took Ye Jingzhan’s hand and said in a soft voice, “Did Fu Beijue say something to you just now?”

Ye Jingzhan pursed his lips and did not speak.

There were some things that he did not want to talk about.

If he hadn’t been so emotionally overwhelmed just now, he wouldn’t have been so capricious as to ask to leave.

He had longed for his father’s love and dreamed of returning to his father’s side, but his father, however, had attacked his mother’s company.

He couldn’t take it lying down.

Perhaps his mood was so low that even little Yum Yum felt it.

The little girl stepped forward and gently tugged at his sleeve.

“Jing’er, don’t hide anything in your heart, I’m your mummy, you can trust me.” Ye Yunla looked at him seriously, “Can you tell mummy what’s going on?”

Ye Jingzhan was silent for a few seconds before he spoke, “The night before last, Mummy’s company website was hacked.”

Ye Yunla nodded, “I know, and then what happened?”

“The person who attacked Mummy’s website is most likely Fu Beijue.”

After saying that, the depressed Qi on Ye Jingzhan’s body dispersed a bit.

It was as if emotions really had to be vented out so that his mood wouldn’t be so low.

Ye Yunla smiled and stroked his hair, saying softly, “It’s not him, you’ve misunderstood.”

Ye Jingzhan frowned: “The hacker that night, in order to hide his whereabouts, first went around overseas and found a small vest, which attacked the official website, he hid it very cleverly, but still I found out that the IP address was in the Fu family …… It must be Fu Beijue!”

Ye Yunla shook her head, “It is indeed the Fu family, but not Fu Beijue.”