HC Chapter 205

Ye Jingzhan and Fu Beijue walked down the corridor in front of the ward.

Fu Ziling asked curiously as he ate, “What is Ye Jingzhan doing looking for my daddy to talk to?”

He was scared when he saw his daddy and didn’t want to talk to him alone at all.

Ye Yunla was also a little curious.

But Jing’er had his own secrets, so she wouldn’t pursue them.

She smiled and said, “Your daddy is so powerful, he should want to become that powerful too.”

Fu Ziling was curious for a moment, and immediately threw the matter away.

It was much happier to stay with Auntie Yunara and Sister Yinyin, and Daddy had better not come in!

Fu Beijiu still had no idea that he was being disliked by his own son, he said indifferently, “If you have anything you want to talk about, you can say it now.”

“I’ve been quite interested in programming lately, I wonder if Uncle Fu has any insights on this?” Ye Jingzhan also took out an introductory programming tutorial from his school bag, looking like he was eager to learn.

Fu Beijue did not feel surprised.

Geniuses were probably interested in every subject within three months, as they could quickly grasp the most core of a knowledge in three months.

The last time I saw him study logic, I was afraid that he had already taught himself to a terrifying degree.

So, another change of direction.

But programming is a much more complex and vast system of knowledge, and a four-year-old child doesn’t necessarily study it that thoroughly.

Fu Beijiu mused, “I still know a bit about programming, what do you want to ask?”

Ye Jingzhan spoke, “Which software is Uncle Fu used to using to write scripts?”

“Python and java are both fine, it mainly depends on what you are studying programming for, and I can recommend books and videos for you to study.”

Ye Jingzhan’s fingers tightened, he lowered his eyelids and pursed his lips, “I want to be a hacker.”

Fu Beijue’s eyes narrowed, “A hacker? Why?”

“I don’t want to tell Uncle Fu the reason for now, can Uncle Fu recommend some relevant study materials for me?” Ye Jingzhan still didn’t look up.

Fu Beijue’s expression became more and more gloomy.

Fu Ziyan’s dream at around three years old was also to become a hacker, and although he had suppressed it, Fu Ziyan would still secretly get in touch with online hackers.

Hacking is a profession that is very easy to go astray on the way to the top.

Because ninety percent of hackers, are illegal elements from outside the country, a four year old child would not be able to discern this information.

Fu Beijiu wanted to open his mouth to say a few words of persuasion, but, after thinking about it, he suppressed those words.

Even Fu Ziyan wouldn’t listen to him, let alone someone else’s child.

Geniuses have their own stubbornness, and they can’t change their minds with just a word or two.

In future, he would ask more questions and guide him properly.

Furthermore, maybe this child will give up after studying for a while and not being interested ……

Fu Beijue lightly said: “Hackers are generally skilled in the use of linux systems, after you learn to operate this system, I will teach you the later knowledge.”

Ye Jingzhan’s lowered eyebrows floated with a layer of coldness.

In this way, it seemed that Fu Beijue should know some hacking techniques, and the person who attacked Mummy’s company that night was most likely him!

But he was at the helm of the Fu Group, was it really necessary to attack a company that was only half a month old?

Ye Jingzhan slowly let go of his hand and raised his head, “Actually, I became a hacker because I wanted to protect my mommy’s company, Uncle Fu knows that my mommy owns a company, right?”

“Well, I have cooperation with your mommy’s company.” Fu Beijiu nodded his head lightly.

Ye Jingzhan added: “I’m not talking about Ye’s group.”