HC Chapter 204

He had always thought it was nonsense, but now he realised that it was half right.

Miss Ye had indeed given birth to twins, yet they were not stillborn babies.

The boy was well-behaved and the girl was beautiful to look at!

Butler Qiao stared at Ye Jingzhan for a moment, then suddenly paused again.

Why did he feel that this boy looked exactly the same as Mr. Ye when he was a child? Especially the way he was sitting in the chair, he looked like he had been carved out of the same mould as Mr. Ye.

Oh no!

He must have been blinded by his old eyes to have such an illusion.

Butler Qiao shook his head to wave this ridiculous illusion out of his mind, then squatted down and said with a smile, “Your name is Ye Jingzhan is it, may I call you Young Master Zhan?”

Ye Jingzhan politely said, “Just call me Jing’er.”

“This boy is so good, here, here’s some candy for you.” Housekeeper Qiao took out a large handful of fruit candies from his coat pocket, all of which were usually used to coax Fu Ziling into being a godsend.

Ye Jingzhan, however, shook his head, “Thank you, housekeeper Qiao, I don’t eat candy.”

When Butler Qiao spoke to Ye Jingzhan, he always felt an invisible sense of oppression, just like when he spoke to the youngest master.

It was obvious that the boy seemed well-behaved and obedient, so I really didn’t know how he could feel this way.

His old man shook his head and took the candy to coax little Yinyin.

The little girl, who normally didn’t like candy either, took it for the first time and put it properly in her pocket.

The smile on Ye Yunla’s face became more and more gentle.

She found that little Yinyin had gradually stepped out of the closed world of only her mommy and brother. Now, there were more people in the little girl’s world – Fu Ziling, teacher Yu Jiao, the kindergarten children, Mr. Albert, housekeeper Qiao …… And, Fu Beijiu ……

Just as the name came to her mind, at the entrance of the ward, a long and straight figure appeared.

Ye Yunla twisted her head to look and met Fu Beijue’s dark, deep eyes.

She curled her lips and said, “Mr. Fu.”

At work, she used to call him Mr. Fu.

When they met in private, she would smile and call out to Mr. Fu.

Perhaps it was because she had children with her, her voice was as gentle as water, like a clear spring in the mountains, which was inexplicably soothing.

When she said the word Mr., she also had a slight trailing sound, like a hook, hooking past the tip of Fu Beijiu’s heart, causing the whole heart lake to ripple.

Butler Qiao stood up holding his waist and said with a subtle expression, “Sir, let me introduce to you, this is Young Master Jing’er, this is Miss Yinyin, Miss Ye’s child ……”

Fu Beijiu nodded lightly, “Hmm, I know.”

Housekeeper Qiao: “……”

How can you be so close to Miss Ye when you know?

Are you not afraid that Miss Ye’s husband will come looking for you?

He swept the few people in the room with a single word, and at first glance, they really looked like a family.

Feeling that his heart couldn’t be stimulated, Housekeeper Qiao found an excuse and left the ward.

“Hey, Grandpa Qiao, where are you going, who’s going to feed me when you’re gone?”

Fu Ziling was on an infusion and couldn’t eat on her own, so she beamed with aggression.

Ye Yunla sat down on the edge of the bed and said softly, “Let me feed you, you can’t be picky about what you eat.”

Fu Ziling immediately became happy.

Grandpa Qiao really did love him and actually created this opportunity for him on purpose.

He obediently opened his mouth and waited for the feeding to take place.

“Uncle Fu, I have a question I want to ask you, can we go out and have a chat?”

Ye Jingzhan stood up, walked up to Fu Beijue and spoke in a slow voice.