HC Chapter 203

Ye Yunla led the two children into the ward.

A downhearted Fu Ziling jumped up happily.

“Auntie Yunara, I really love you so much, I was just chanting about you and you came over with sister Yinyin, I’m so happy!”

Ye Yunla smiled and said, “It was Jing’er who offered to come over to see you, he was afraid you would be too lonely alone.”

Fu Ziling beamed suspiciously, “That can’t be right, this guy likes to bully me the most, how could he offer to come and see me ……”

“It’s true.” Ye Yunla stroked his little head and lowered her voice, “Actually, brother Jing’er is very worried about you, but he’s shy, so he didn’t show it.”

Fu Ziling peeked up and met Ye Jingzhan’s gaze.

Ye Jingzhan didn’t avoid it and said indifferently, “As long as you like my sister, I can try to like you too.”

“Who cares if you like me!”

Fu Ziling squirmed and turned his head away.

However, the tips of his ears were quietly red, and it was obvious that he was in a good mood.

Ye Jingzhan sat down by the hospital bed and lowered his eyes, “Where’s your daddy, why isn’t he at the hospital?”

“He said he would come over to keep me company this afternoon, who knows when he’ll be done with work.” Fu Ziling skimmed his lips and said.

Ye Jingzhan lifted his wrist to look at the time and was silent without speaking again.

“Young master, lunch is here!”

Just then, Butler Qiao walked in with a lunch box.

When he saw that Ye Yunla was here, his old man said with a smile on his face, “Miss Ye, you are finally here, the young master had been chanting about you all night last night.”

“Grandpa Qiao, come here quickly!” Fu Ziling said excitedly, “This is the Yinyin sister I told you about, isn’t she super cute and pretty?”

Housekeeper Qiao’s gaze fell on Ye Yinyin’s face.

As soon as he saw this face of the little girl, Housekeeper Qiao’s heart melted: “Ugh, this is too cute, I’ve lived for so many years, but this is the first time I’ve seen such a cute little girl …… Huh ……”

Housekeeper Qiao stared suspiciously at Little Yinyin’s features, “Why do I feel that Little Yinyin looks a bit like Miss Ye ……”

The little girl was a fleshy bun face, at first glance she didn’t feel it, the more she looked like Ye Yunla, like a large and small copy of her.

Fu Ziling covered her mouth and laughed, “Hahahaha, Grandpa Qiao, guess, guess why sister Yinyin and Auntie Yunla look so much alike.”

Butler Qiao glanced at Ye Yunla and then swept a glance at little Yinyin and spoke with difficulty, “No way, it shouldn’t be what I think ……”

He had been a butler in the Fu family for over forty years, and it was the first time he had ever seen Sir take an interest in a woman.

He had always thought that Missy Ye could have something between her and Mr. ……

Although Missy Ye was the children’s great aunt, which was a slightly confusing relationship.

But as long as the gentleman likes it, everything is not a problem.

But now!

Can someone come and tell him why Missy Ye has a daughter now?

“Hahahaha!” Fu Ziling slapped the bed board and laughed out loud, “Grandpa Qiao, Auntie Yunara is Little Yinyin and Ye Jingzhan’s mummy oh.”


Housekeeper Qiao’s gaze fell back on the quiet Ye Jingzhan next to him.

He was instantly dumbfounded.

So Miss Ye was having two children?

Or twins, by the looks of it?


He needed to digest that!

Housekeeper Qiao thought of the talk on the internet a while ago, where the news was saying that Miss Ye had given birth to twin dead babies four years ago.