HC Chapter 201

Fu Ziyan picked up the broken Transformer on the floor and put it away properly at the head of the bed.

He said indifferently, “No matter what, she is our mother, one can not love her, but one must respect.”

Fu Zi Ling rubbed his ruddy eyes and did not answer.

Fu Ziyan knew that this topic could not be pursued any further.

He paused and spoke, “Those two children who came to see you the night before last, were they your cla*smates from kindergarten?”

Fu Zi Ling’s mood instantly changed from cloudy to sunny.

He curled his lips with a smile in his eyes, “It was Ye Jingzhan and Little Yinyin, they followed Auntie Yunla to visit me ……”

“Little Yinyin?” Fu Ziyan lifted his eyes, “That little girl’s name is Little Yinyin?”

“Yes, I keep calling her little sister Yinyin, big brother I tell you oh, little sister Yinyin is especially cute, she doesn’t like to talk, but her eyes seem to talk, big eyes, just like black grapes, every time little sister Yinyin looks at me, I feel like I have the whole world ……”

Fu Zi Ling’s eyes were full of bright crystals, as if there was a galaxy shining.

Fu Zi Yan was infected by his emotions and nodded, “Next time you can invite Little Yinyin to our house for dinner.”

“Yes, yes, but all my toys are cars and planes, sister Yinyin definitely doesn’t like them, big brother, you can help me go to the supermarket later and buy some toys that girls like to play with back, when I get out of hospital, I’ll take sister Yinyin to our house to play!”

Fu Ziyan had a very important meeting later, but he still agreed: “Okay.”

Fu Ziyan stayed with him for half an hour before leaving the ward.

Ye Xue Ying was sitting on the bench at the end of the corridor waiting, impatience between her brows, but the next second after seeing Fu Zi Yan, the impatience on her face turned into aggravation.

She walked up on her high heels, “Ziyan, is little Ling Ling in a better mood? Can I go in and see him now?”

“Mother, come back tomorrow.” Fu Ziyan pursed his lips, “He’s already asleep.”

Ye Xue Ying was full of loss, “Alright then, I’ll come back tomorrow.”

She took the initiative to hold Fu Ziyan’s hand and walked outside the hospital.

Fu Ziyan was uncomfortable, but still forced himself not to pull his hand out.

The two of them had just walked to the entrance of the hospital when they ran into three people.

Ye Yunla was holding Ye Jingzhan in her left hand and Little Yinyin in her right hand as they walked towards the hospital entrance.

The two groups of people met head-on on the same road, and there was no way to avoid them.

Ye Yunla’s footsteps stopped.

She narrowed her eyes and looked at Ye Xueying, her gaze slowly moving down and landing on Fu Ziyan’s body.

This child, indeed, was Ye Xueying’s son.

The two of them, mother and son, were holding hands, so close.

So it was not surprising that this child had come to deal with her instead of Ye Xue Ying.

For some reason, seeing this scene made her heart very uncomfortable, with a subtle tingling sensation.

Ye Yunla’s gaze swept over quietly, with a hint of scrutiny.

Ye Xue Ying, on the other hand, was faintly flustered.

She didn’t even dare to look into Ye Yunla’s eyes, and without saying a word, she pulled Fu Ziyan with her and walked away quickly.

“Mother, you’re pulling me in pain.”

After walking away, Fu Ziyan pulled his hand out hard, his wrist was already pinched red.

“I’m sorry Ziyin!” Ye Xue Ying bit her lip, “I was too scared when I saw Ye Yunla just now, I was afraid she would suddenly make a move on me …… I didn’t want you to see me at my most wretched, Ziyan, mum didn’t mean it.”

Fu Ziyan twisted his head to look over.

Just in time, he could see the pink hem of Little Yinyin’s skirt.