HC Chapter 200

She asked Fu Ziyan yesterday and realized that Fu Zi Ling liked Transformers.

Early this morning on the weekend, she went to the supermarket and picked out the most luxurious Transformers and bought them back for Fu Ziling.

But this little b*****d, however, smashed her carefully selected toy on the ground ……

Was it that no matter what she did, there was no way to get Fu Ziling to acknowledge her as his mother?

“Miss Ye, the young master is weak and is recuperating, his emotions cannot fluctuate too much, so you should go out first.” Butler Qiao came over and said respectfully and somewhat forcefully.

Ye Xue Ying bit her lip, unwilling to go out.

She had worked hard to repair the relationship between mother and son, how could she just leave like that.

“Mother, you go outside first and come back in when Fu Zi Ling has calmed down.” Fu Ziyan said indifferently.

When Fu Zi Yan gave the word, there was no way for Ye Xue Ying not to listen.

She took one step and three steps back and left the ward.

But as soon as she reached the door of the ward, her whole face became twisted and hideous.

Butler Qiao sighed and turned around to walk out of the ward, also gently snapping the door behind him, leaving only the two of them in the ward.

Fu Ziyan sat down at the edge of the hospital bed.

“Big brother, don’t talk me out of it!” Fu Zi Ling bit his lower lip and said, “There is no way I can accept a woman who calls me a little b*****d as a mother!”

As soon as he said this, a layer of cold frost tinged Fu Zi Yan’s face.

He pursed his lips and said, “You still remember?”

“Why don’t you remember?” The corners of Fu Zi Ling’s lips were full of sarcasm, “She thinks that a one-year-old child has no memory, it’s because she underestimates us too much.”

At the one-week-old banquet, many people came from the Fu family.

He and his elder brother were looked after by Ye Xueying.

He was so excited that day that he accidentally wet his trousers.

Ye Xueying took him to the lounge to change his trousers, scolding him as she did so.

He could not remember what Ye Xueying scolded him for, he only remembered one little b*****d after another, and the disgust and dislike in Ye Xueying’s eyes.

Later, when he could speak, he told his elder brother about it.

But his elder brother was silent.

Only then did he realise that Ye Xueying had not only scolded him, but had also secretly scolded his elder brother.

Big brother told him to forget about it, but he couldn’t.

Every time he saw Ye Xueying’s disguised concern, he felt sick.

“Big brother, she doesn’t deserve to be our mother.” Fu Ziling lowered his eyebrows and said, “You know, besides calling me a little b*****d, she often pinched the inside of my arm when no one was looking, at that time I was still young and didn’t know how to resist, I would only cry. When I cried, everyone said I was bad, but I was actually very good. She was the one who bullied me and pinched me secretly …… She gave birth to me but didn’t love us at all. I’m not good enough, so it’s normal for her not to love me, but big brother, you’re already so good, why …… she sometimes looks at you with a hidden disgust in her gaze too?”

“The two of us are her own sons, is that how much she hates us?”

Fu Zi Ling lost his voice and roared, his tears kept falling down and the quilt in front of him was soaked through.

Fu Ziyan’s heart clenched in a pang.

The twins’ telepathic connection made his eyes red too.

He took out a tissue to help Fu Zi Ling wipe her tears and whispered, “Maybe it’s because she was only eighteen when she got pregnant with us, and our arrival ruined her peaceful life, leaving her no choice ……”

Because, they were not born into this world in anticipation.

That’s why the mother was so disgusted with them.