HC Chapter 194

Ye Yunla smiled and cleared the residue from the background.

As she was busy, Tan Jing walked in, “Mr. Ye, someone from the Fu Group just called and asked if you were available at eleven o’clock at noon.”

Ye Yunla nodded: “What is it?”

“Someone over there needs to come over.” Tan Jing said, “I’ll vacate the meeting room.”

The company’s first business was the Fu Group’s project, and everyone in the company was clear about how important this project was.

Ye Yunla nodded, “You print out a few copies of the revised design from last time and put them on the conference room table.”

Tan Jing immediately went to do so.

Ye Yunla flipped open the file and read the A-F project over again, and only after she had a good idea in her mind did she get up and go to the washroom.

Just as she walked to the entrance of the company, she ran into a group of people from the company next door.

The company next door was an internet start-up, established two years ago, with about thirty people, not too well developed, but barely able to support itself.

When Ye Yunla first came to the company, it was the owner of this company who introduced her to the geography of the building’s vicinity and incidentally gave her a lifeline to the development of small internet start-up companies in Haicheng, a particularly chatty and bright middle-aged man ……

She had a pretty good impression of this boss and smiled as she gave a greeting, “Mr. Guo, where is this hurry going?”

Once Mr. Guo saw Ye Yunla, his eyes were full of amazement.

He stopped and said, “So it’s Mr. Ye, it’s almost noon, let’s have dinner, would Mr. Ye like to join us?”

Ye Yunla was about to say no.

Mr. Guo’s secretary said, “Mr. Guo, we are going to meet a client, let’s invite Mr. Ye to dinner some other time.”

When Mr. Guo wanted to say something else, his secretary lowered his voice and said, “This time, it’s hard to get a date with Mr. Fu’s big hitter, Secretary Tang, what if Mr. Guo brings someone else with him? Don’t forget, Mr. Guo, this Mr. Ye’s company is also in the internet business, and our company is in competition, how can you bring her along to have dinner with Secretary Tang ……”

Although the secretary’s voice was low, Ye Yunla still heard a few words.

She hooked her lips into a smile and said lightly, “Mr. Guo, I still have some work to take care of, let’s make an appointment next time.”

After she finished speaking, she stepped on her high heels and headed for the washroom.

The secretary let out a fierce sigh of relief, “Mr. Guo, I know you have an interest in this Mr. Ye, but I think the development of the company should come first, when our company develops, then you can go after Mr. Ye then, won’t it be a done deal?”

“Don’t be ridiculous, I just admire Mr. Ye more.”

Mr. Guo said indifferently and led the company’s line of people into the lift to go downstairs.

It had taken a lot of hard work for a small company like theirs to get a meeting with the secretary of the president of the Fu Group.

Today’s meeting was extraordinarily important to their company.

Just as the group descended the stairs, a black luxury car pulled up at the entrance of this venture building.

However, Guo and his group were in a hurry and did not notice that the person who stepped out of the car was the president of the Fu Group, Fu Beijiu, whom they had been talking about countless times.

Fu Beijiu went straight upstairs.

Tan Jing had been waiting at the entrance of the company for a long time, and when she saw him coming, she felt dizzy for a moment.

The last time Fu Beijiu, Sun Yan and Wang Changqing had come to the company once, she had seen Fu Beijiu long ago, but the second time she saw him, she still felt shocked.

In this world, how could there be such a handsome looking person?

Her eyebrows, a woman, were not as delicate as this man’s, and seeing this face made her somewhat ashamed of herself.

She could not think of what kind of woman would be worthy of this face.

Immediately afterwards, the delicate face of Ye Yunla came to her mind.

Yes, the only person who could match this face of Fu Beijue was the number one beauty in Hai Cheng ……