HC Chapter 188

After reading it, she closed the contract and spoke indifferently, “Little friend, who drew up this contract?”

“It’s our young master.” Wei Yi spoke, “Mr. Ye, if you feel there is no problem, the contract will take effect after you sign it.”

Ye Yunla smiled gently.

She was good looking, and the end of her eyes were slightly upturned when she smiled, with a sultry and flirtatious look.

Yet her eyes were clear, with a beauty that was an eerie blend of innocence and to desire.

As soon as Fu Ziyan saw her smile, the cold hardness and indifference in his heart felt like a hole had been poked in it, dissolving little by little.

When he realised that he had actually been staring at Ye Yunla for several minutes, he became chagrined.

This woman, she must have used such a smile to compel daddy and confuse Fu Zi Ling ……

“I think there’s something wrong.”

Ye Yunla withdrew her smile and slowly spat out the words.

Her body leaned forward slightly, carrying a sense of oppression.

She stared at Fu Ziyan, her scarlet lips taking on more than a little contempt, “Go to school when you’re the right age, don’t come out and show off.”

She said, throwing the contract over with force.

The wind brought up by the contract landing on the table blew Fu Ziyan’s hair around.

His face, instantly, went cold and sullen.

Wei Yi was so scared that his heart missed a beat.

This was the young master of the Fu family, the heir to the Fu family, the future helmsman of the Fu Group.

This woman, how dare she be so reckless!

“Mr. Ye, what do you mean by that?” Wei Yi stared at Ye Yunla and said in a cold voice, “You can ask any questions you have, isn’t this behaviour too rude?”

“When you delivered this document to me, you should have expected me to behave in such a manner.” Ye Yunla sneered, “Such a big loophole in the contract, do you really think I can’t see it? Kid, don’t run in a hurry before you learn to walk. I ran into me today, so I can forgive you for your transgressions. If I had met another powerful character, I might have to sue you for contract falsification.”

Ye Yunla got up, carried her bag and walked out of the private room.

Just as she reached the door, she turned back and took out a hundred yuan from her bag and threw it onto the table, “Coffee today, it’s on me, remember to say hello to your mother for me when you get back.”

She finished and closed the door of the private room behind her, the sound of high heels outside becoming more and more distant.

“Young master, this woman is too much!” Wei Yi was furious, “How many people wanted to cooperate with us at Yan Chuan Technology but had no chance, today we sent this opportunity to this woman and she actually dared to slam the contract on the table, how could there be such an insensitive person ……”

Fu Ziyan’s face was cold as he flipped the document open.

He had drafted the document countless times, only this document, which took a whole all-nighter to finish.

In this contract, he had buried a hidden loophole.

He thought that no one other than his daddy would find out about this loophole.

But to his surprise, that woman just scanned it and knew it was a fake contract.

This woman was too clever.

It was easy to step out of the trap he had laid.

“Young master, what should we do now?” Wei Yi cautiously spoke up and asked.

“Keep a good eye on the Lara Star Technology Company, and report to me at the first opportunity if they make any moves.”

“Yes, Young Master!”

Ye Yunla returned to the company and regrouped and backed up all the confidential information of the company.

For some reason, she had a great sense of crisis when she saw a child who was only four years old sitting at the table negotiating with herself.

That child was smart at first glance, having inherited Ye Xueying’s cunning, and was many times smarter.

Being watched by such a child always gave her a sense of foreboding.

Ye Yunla reinforced the company’s firewall before driving to the kindergarten to pick up the child.