HC Chapter 184

He took a deep breath and said, “Mother, I will send someone to investigate this matter, you can relax for now, I won’t let anyone hurt Little Ling Ling.”

“Since she volunteered to donate blood to save little Ling Ling, she definitely won’t lay a hand on little Ling Ling again anytime soon ……” Ye Xueying’s voice was low and choked, “Now that she has your daddy’s trust, she will definitely take advantage of the opportunity to make a big move …… Zi Yan, I’m really afraid that she will hurt you and little Ling Ling, I’d rather she came at me ……”

“I won’t let such a thing happen.”

Fu Ziyan hung up the phone straight away.

He turned his head to look at his a*sistant Wei Yi beside him and said lightly, “The car accident case in front of Ye’s group today, you go and find out what’s going on.”

Wei Yi nodded: “Yes, Fu Shao.”

Then he took out his mobile phone and started calling ……

Fu Ziyan instructed the driver, “Go to the hospital.”

The car drove smoothly on the road, and before it reached the hospital, Wei Yi received a call from the traffic police bureau.

“…… Jianjun Road is always jammed with traffic, the average speed of every car is within twenty yards, when the accident happened, all the cars were at a stop, but this silver sports car suddenly turned a corner and hit the child who ran out of the car …… It’s a good thing the sports car wasn’t in motion and didn’t cause a tragedy ……”

“After the silver sports car hit the person, and hit three or four cars fled, from the Jianjun Road north to the outskirts, there is no monitoring there, for the time being have not found the perpetrators ……”

Wei Yi frowned: “Check the number plate to find out?”

“This case is related to the Fu family, long ago all aspects have been investigated, the sports car is stolen, the number plate is fake, now we suspect that this is a long-planned intentional hit-and-run case ……”

Every word on the phone, Fu Ziyan heard clearly.

He did not believe his mother’s speculation before.

But now, it was not up to him to disbelieve.

The car was stolen, the number plate was also fake, and the surveillance didn’t even capture the face of the perpetrator.

In other words, the other party already knew that a car accident would happen ……

If it wasn’t for the traffic jam on Jianjun Road, little Ling Ling wouldn’t have been so lucky to have recovered a life at all.

Who was it that wanted to kill little Ling Ling?

Ye Yunla?

Was it her?

Fu Ziyan’s face was cold and sullen to the core.

“Young Master, so do we still need to investigate now?” Wei Yi asked respectfully.

“This case is also being investigated by my father, just continue to keep an eye on it.” Fu Ziyan pursed his lips and pushed open the car door to get out of the car.

He walked straight into the hospital and went into the inpatient department.

By this time it was already five in the afternoon, and after staying with Fu Ziling for a while, Ye Yunara went to pick up the children from the kindergarten.

The only person in the ward now was Fu Beijiu, who was reading papers.

Fu Ziling had already fallen asleep, but he was not sleeping peacefully, making grunting noises from time to time.

Fu Beijiu closed the file: “Why are you here, who told you about this?”

Fu Ziyan said indifferently, “Such a big thing, how could it be hidden from me, daddy, what is this all about?”

“An accident.” Fu Beijiu spoke in a light voice, “The good thing is that Fu Ziling is fine, he can be discharged from the hospital after a week of observation.”

Fu Ziyan raised his head, looked at Duke Fu and slowly asked, “I’ve checked, it was a long-planned accident, or to put it plainly, a deliberate murder.”

Duke Fu finally looked at him with a straight face, “What else do you know?”