HC Chapter 179

Housekeeper Qiao was crying his heart out in a miserable manner.

He took Ye Yunla’s wrist and cried out in grief, “I watched the young master grow up, from the time he was so tiny, I was the one who carried and coaxed and fed him …… How could he just go away like that …… It’s all my fault, if it wasn’t for me, nothing would have happened to the little young master ……”

Ye Yunla said loudly, “Housekeeper Qiao, I said little Ling Ling is fine, he really is fine, you quickly stop cursing him.”

“How can it be fine, the little young master has lost so much blood, more breath out, less breath in …… Without Yin type blood, the young master will definitely not survive!” Housekeeper Qiao cried and almost broke, “How am I going to explain this to sir, I won’t live either ……”

Ye Yunla was really out of options.

Moreover, her head was a bit dizzy and her legs were weak after standing for a long time ……

Just at this time the Fu family bodyguard came over, he handed the operation sheet directly to housekeeper Qiao: “Eight hundred milliliters of negative blood has been sent into the operation room, the doctor said that the young master is fine and will recover after the operation.”

Butler Qiao looked at the words on the slip, the light that had gone out in his eyes lit up little by little, he said incredulously, “It’s really alright! Young master is really fine! Where did this eight hundred millilitres of negative blood come from?”

The bodyguard looked towards Ye Yunla gratefully, “It was donated by Miss Ye for free.”

Butler Qiao’s eyes slowly rolled as his eyes fell on Ye Yunla: “Miss Ye Family, Yin-type blood?”

Ye Yunla nodded.

She donated eight hundred millilitres of blood at once and her head was dizzy.

She sat down on the chair holding onto the wall.

She had never been in trouble since she was a child and had never known she had negative blood type.

It wasn’t until four years ago when little Yinyin, three months old, had a lung infection and coughed up blood, suddenly hemorrhaging, that she realised that little Yinyin had inherited her negative blood type.

She saved Little Yinyin once.

Now she had saved little Ling Ling once more.

She was suddenly glad that she was of the negative blood type and could save the one she loved.

“Great, the little young master is saved ……”

Housekeeper Qiao cried tears of joy and excitement.

He suddenly remembered, the Ye family’s eldest miss, wasn’t she Ye Xueying’s own sister?

In other words, the Ye Family’s Eldest Miss was the young master’s great aunt.

It seemed to make sense that the great-aunt and the nephew had the same blood type.

If he had known this, he should have called Ye Xueying, the second Miss Ye, first, so why was he crying so much ……

Butler Qiao reacted with hindsight that he was embarra*sed, he coughed and said, “I’ll hurry up and tell sir so he won’t worry ……”

At this moment the hospital entrance.

The first thing that happened to me was that I had to go to the hospital.

She stared at Fu Beijiu’s cold, sullen face and was so scared that her hands and feet went weak.

Was it because Fu Beijue had discovered something that he had used Fu Zi Ling’s car accident to force her to have her blood tested?

If he forcibly escorted her to the hospital, then what should she do ……

“Beijue, Little Ling Ling had an accident, I was worried, I was scared, that’s why I yelled at you, I’m sorry ……” Ye Xueying knew how to show weakness very well, her water-like eyes were flooded with crystal tears, “Let’s go see little Ling Ling first, okay ……”

She went to grab Fu Beijiu’s hand.

But it was shaken off by the man with force.

Something flashed in Fu Beijiu’s mind.

He wrinkled his eyebrows to think carefully, but could not grasp that important thing ……

The most important thing now was Fu Ziling, he was not in the mood to think about anything else.