HC Chapter 176

But the young master had been in a car accident and had to be treated promptly, and as this was the closest place, he could only receive initial treatment here for the time being.

Butler Qiao shuddered and pushed open the car door, stepping out with both feet, but not daring to walk in.

Just the thought of the young master covered in blood made both his legs go weak and he couldn’t walk at all ……

He stood at the entrance of the hospital and took his mobile phone out, “I’ll contact the blood bank first, you hurry into the hospital to pay the medical bills.”

The bodyguard, knowing that Qiao Butler was too old to resist stimulation, nodded and walked into the hospital.

Butler Qiao made a phone call to the First Hospital in Haicheng.

The young master had a rare negative blood type, a blood type that the small hospital certainly didn’t have in stock, and he had to have the blood sent over first.

“Last night a woman with negative blood type came, the blood bank ran out of all the two thousand milliliters of negative blood, today they are transferring blood from overseas ……”

Hearing the voice of the person in charge of the blood bank at the First Hospital in Haicheng, Housekeeper Qiao’s eyes went black and he almost pa*sed out again.

He took a deep breath, “When will there be negative blood at the earliest?”

“It will arrive at the blood bank at eight tomorrow morning.”

Housekeeper Qiao closed his eyes fiercely.

Eight o’clock tomorrow morning, the young master simply couldn’t wait that long!

He hung up the phone and dialed Fu Beijiu’s number with trembling fingers ……

Fu’s Group.

Fu Beijiu was in a meeting.

The phone suddenly vibrated on the desktop.

He swept a glance and it was Butler Qiao.

Butler Qiao had been in the Fu family for over forty years and rarely rarely called him during the day, just this time Fu Ziling often sneaked out of the house and Qiao’s calls became slightly more frequent.

It seemed that today, Fu Ziling had really disobeyed again.

Fu Beijiu made a gesture of silence and the conference room fell silent.

He pressed the connect button and said indifferently, “What is it?”

“Sir, it’s all my fault for not watching the young master, he sneaked out alone and something happened!” As soon as housekeeper Qiao opened his mouth, his voice choked up, “The young master had a car accident, he lost a lot of blood and needs a blood transfusion …… But the blood bank in Haicheng has run out of negative blood, there won’t be a blood source until eight o’clock tomorrow morning, sir, you have to do something!”

Fu Beijue stood up violently.

The office chair was brought down on the floor by him.

He pulled open the door of the conference room and strode out, his steps hurried.

The people in the conference room looked at each other, “What’s going on?”

a*sistant Zheng faintly heard voices on the phone and could only hear that it was the young master who was in trouble.

He said indifferently, “That’s all for today, the meeting is adjourned.”

He walked out of the conference room with the documents, just in time to see Fu Beijiu propping up his temples and seemingly almost fainting.

He rushed over in a hurry, but Fu Beijiu had already quickly entered the lift.

Only after the dizziness subsided did he then slowly said, “You go to the hospital first and keep an eye on it, I’ll think of something about the blood source.”

Fu Beijiu quickly walked to the car park and sat in the driver’s seat as he dialed a phone number: “Do you still have a negative blood source there?”

“Last night a woman in labour had a haemorrhage and used up all the negative blood in Hai Cheng, Mr. Fu, what do you need negative blood for?”

“My son, he had a car accident, he needs blood ……”

“Little Ling Ling had an accident? Yes, I remember, he has negative blood type! I did a blood test on him when he was born and he inherited this blood type to a large extent from his mother, Mr. Fu, you should hurry and find little Ling Ling’s mother!”