HC Chapter 171

Another burst of ecstasy swept through Ye Xueying’s heart.

She had known Fu Beijue for more than four years, and this was the first time this man had asked her such a private question ……

Does it mean that he has started to be interested in her?

She took a deep breath and said with a soft smile, “Yes, I was admitted to Hai Cheng No.1 Middle School with the top score in the city back then ……”

She and Ye Yunla, tied for first ……

Fu Beijue nodded blandly, “You used to learn piano?”

“The kindergarten teacher found out that I played piano well, so my parents sent me to learn, and I’ve been so busy since I went to university that I haven’t touched the piano for a few years.” Ye Xueying wrote lightly, but her tone had a concealed smugness, “I didn’t expect that I could still get the affirmation of Master Alice after not practicing the piano for four years ……”

Fu Beijiu gently twiddled his fingers, “Did you play the piano in Hai Cheng First High School?”

Ye Xueying didn’t know why this man was asking this, but she still told the truth: “Sometimes it was too late to go to the piano training centre, so I practiced in the school’s piano room, but only a few times.”

Fu Beijue pursed his lips.

No wonder when he went back to the piano at First Form later on, he never heard that amazing tune again.

After eight years, he thought he had long forgotten that piano piece, but when Ye Xueying played it today, he was shocked to realise that it had been engraved into the deepest part of his heart and had actually become an unforgettable memory.

He raised his eyes and said lightly, “Can you play that piece again?”

“Of course!”

Ye Xue Ying was filled with excitement.

Sure enough, she had bet right!

Fu Beijue was really interested in the piano!

If she had known this, why had she operated for more than four years without any progress for nothing?

Fortunately, she had Fu Ziyan, who had helped her out!

Ye Xueying sat down in front of the piano again.

Perhaps she was too excited, or perhaps her mind had flown elsewhere, the tune this second time was a world away from the first.

It was getting farther and farther away from the tune in her memory ……

Fu Beijiu’s eyebrows tightened up.

Just at that moment –


The bedroom door upstairs was pulled open with force.

Fu Ziling stepped out and leaned over the fence on the first floor and roared angrily, “Is there no end to this! It’s so noisy!”

The sound of the piano came to an abrupt halt.

Fu Beijiu raised his eyebrows lightly: “How come it’s making you so much noise?”

The soundproofing of every room in the Fu family was very good, so it was absolutely impossible for the piano to be heard in the rooms on the first floor when it was played on the ground floor.

Fu Ziling bit his lip, “It’s just noisy, I don’t allow you, a bad woman, to play the piano in my house!”

Anger flashed in his eyes like a cluster of fire that was about to set Ye Xueying on fire.

Ye Xue Ying’s fingertips trembled.

She didn’t understand how Fu Ziling could hate her so much.

She had so easily found the door to walk into the path of Fu Beijue’s heart, and Fu Ziling actually appeared out of nowhere to spoil her good deed.

She stood up and said with a choked sob of aggression, “Little Ling Ling, mommy is here practicing the piano and only wants to spend more time with you and Zi Yan, how can you call me a bad woman and kick me out ……”

“You are the bad woman, the worst woman under the sky!”

Fu Ziling stuck his waist and roared fiercely.

He was already not studying seriously and had long heard the commotion downstairs.