HC Chapter 166

“Hello, this customer, is this a piano for a child, a boy or a girl?” The attendant greeted her enthusiastically.

Ye Yunla let Ye Jingzhan hold the little girl while she followed the shop a*sistant to see the piano.

This was one of the top piano shops in Haicheng, and the cheapest pianos cost close to six figures, with the more expensive ones costing almost a million.

The good thing is that Ye Yunla is not someone who is short of money, and even if she were, she would not condemn her child.

When she was five years old, she took piano lessons with Ye Xueying, and both of them had been learning for more than ten years, so although they had been wasted over the years, the basic foundation was still there.

Ye Yunla tried several pianos in a row before finally settling on one: “This piano has a very good tone, especially the vibrato, it’s perfect.”

The waiter smiled and said, “It seems you know a lot about pianos, this is the treasure of our shop.”

“I know a little bit about it, just this one, help me deliver it to-”

Ye Yunla was about to report her address when, to the side, a figure slowly walked up.

“Slow down.”

Ye Xue Ying walked over on her high heels, her eyebrows full of arrogance.

She looked coldly at Ye Yunla’s long and slender fingers, and a cold chill quenched in her eyes.

Back then, she and Ye Yunla had studied piano together, and as a result, every time she took a piano quiz, Ye Yunla scored more than ten points higher than her.

She was so jealous that she bribed her piano teacher for more than a whole decade, and for more than a decade, Ye Yunla scored lower than her every time.

She was known by her father as having a talent for piano and said that he would send her abroad for further studies.

She had put this on hold because of her weak heart and the fact that she no longer had the heart to practise the piano after becoming the heir to the Ye Group.

Now that she saw Ye Yunla trying out the piano, all those bad memories from back then were brought up.

She had decided to practice the piano with Miss Alice, but then Ye Yunla wanted to buy a piano too?

Does she have to follow her in whatever she does?

Ye Yunla raised her eyebrows and laughed coldly, she was really in the wrong place, even when she bought a piano she met the person she didn’t want to meet in her life.

She wrapped her arms around her chest and said lazily, “What, am I getting in your way by buying a piano?”

“I’ll take this piano.” Ye Xue Ying coldly took out her bank card and handed it over, “Swipe it.”

The waiter hurriedly said, “This customer was the one who saw it first, this young lady, why don’t I take you to see another piano ……”

“No, I want this one!” Ye Xue Ying sneered and hooked her lips, “I’ll pay double the price.”

Waiter: “It’s not a question of double the price, there is a rule of first come first served in everything ……”

“Three times.”

Ye Xue Ying impatiently waved the card in her hand.

Ye Yunla suddenly smiled, “Okay, then triple the price is let to you, waiter, hurry up and swipe the card.”

Since the customer had nodded, there was nothing for the waitress to hesitate about, so she neatly went to the counter and swiped her card to open the bill.

Ye Xue Ying sneered, “Count on your good sense.”

Ye Yunla faintly swept a glance at the piano shop, this piano just now was the best piano in this shop, but it was only limited to this shop.

People who had seen good things simply couldn’t look at any of the pianos here.

It was only a small sounding initial contact, and she bought a random one as far as she could see.

I didn’t expect that this would also allow someone to cut it off.

But three times the price was enough for Ye Xueying to eat a dumb loss.

Ye Yunla swept her a cold glance, turned around and walked away.