HC Chapter 165

In the world of the gentry, power and money can divide people into obvious cla*ses.

But there is one circle that neither power nor money can shake, and that is the cultural and artistic circle.

For example, painters, artists, violinists, pianists …… Once one such artist appears in any gentry, then that gentry can override other families in the circle and exist ……

Ye Xueying squeezed her fingers in slight excitement.

Fu Ziyan paved the way for her like this, he must have wanted her to have the strength to marry into the Fu family one day.

“Grandma, I know, I will practice the piano properly.”

Ye Xueying left the old lady’s room with a face full of surprise.

Xu Yuying hurriedly greeted her, “How was it, what did the old madam say?”

Ye Xue Ying told her about the piano practice.

Xu Yuying went to frown: “This sounds a bit odd, is Fu Ziyan really that good?”

“Mom, I told you a long time ago, Ziyan listens to me very well, I told him that I wanted to marry his daddy, that’s why he thought of such a way for me.” Ye Xue Ying curled her lips, “I will follow Alice and learn piano properly, when I can afford to open my own touring club, I will be qualified to stand by Fu Beijiu’s side.”


Ye Yunla worked at Ye’s group for the afternoon and went to pick up her child from the kindergarten after work at the end of the day.

“Mama Yinyin, wait a minute.” Yu Jiao pulled her to the side and said with a smile, “Today the kindergarten conducted a piano experience cla*s, little Yinyin has a particularly good sense of music, the piano teacher wants to take little Yinyin as a student, this is the piano teacher’s business card, if you’ve given it some thought, you can call the piano teacher.”

Ye Yunla had received many of these little cards, and as soon as she saw that they were just sales pitches for lessons, she didn’t take them seriously.

On the way back, however, she saw Little Yinyin leaning against the car window and knocking on the gla*s.

She was holding a plastic lollipop stick in her hand, and one by one, lightly or heavily, she was knocking rhythmically on the gla*s window.

At a cursory glance, it sounded like she was tapping randomly, but upon closer examination, she could hear that she was actually playing the children’s song ‘Two Tigers’ with a lollipop.

Ye Yunla spoke up in surprise, “Jing’er, how did my sister do in music cla*s today?”

Ye Jingzhan said, “The teacher said that her sister did very well and wanted to take her as a student.”

“So how many students have been taken into your kindergarten?”

“No, the teacher doesn’t take in children that young, except for the younger sister.” Ye Jingzhan said thoughtfully, “Mummy, I think my sister is very interested in the piano.”

Ye Yunla was even more surprised.

When Yu Jiao had handed her the card earlier, she had thought that the parents of every student in the cla*s had received it.

It turned out that Little Yinyin was the only one whose piano talent had been affirmed.

In other words, this was not an advertisement for the course, but the piano teacher really took a liking to Little Yinyin and wanted to take her as a student.

“Little Yinyin, Mummy is sending you to piano lessons, are you willing?”

Ye Yunla asked softly as she turned her head back.

Her gentle, watery gaze encouraged the little girl, but the little girl’s eyes were wide open and she couldn’t say a word.

If she hadn’t actually heard Little Yinyin speak with her own ears that night, Ye Yunla would almost have thought it was an illusion ……

After Fu Beijue left, Little Yinyin returned to her usual appearance.

She consulted a psychiatrist last night, who said that this was a progress and that it needed to be gradual and slow.

But if Little Yinyin must be involved with Fu Beijiu when she speaks, she really doesn’t know how to make gradual progress.

If she could develop little Yinyin’s hobbies, she might be able to open the door to another world for the child.

Ye Yunla turned the car around and drove to a nearby piano shop.

Just as she walked in, she noticed a bright light in little Yinyin’s pretty pupils.

It seemed that the piano shop was the right place.