HC Chapter 159

“Auntie, marriage is supposed to exist out of love.”

The corners of Caitlin’s mouth curved up into a smile.

“Without love, marriage is a tomb, and surely Brother Beijue would not want to build himself a tomb for his children.”

Mrs Fu shook her head and said nothing.

She had lost her grip on her son so many years ago in Australia that there was no point in her saying anything.

“Auntie, I really like Brother Beijer’s view of love.” Caitlin suddenly looked down with a smile, “I’ve known Auntie for so many years, I hear Brother Beijue’s name every day, yet it seems, I’ve never seen Brother Beijue before, does Auntie have a picture of Brother Beijue?”

Mrs Fu glanced at Catherine.

Four or five years ago Catherine had appeared in her life, visiting her every day, and she would pour her heart out like this young girl in her early twenties.

Even the misunderstanding between her and the Northern Lord, she had told Catherine originally.

If Catherine became her daughter-in-law, then the misunderstanding between her and the Northern Lord would definitely be eased because of Catherine ……

Only however –

The Northern Lord has two sons, would a young girl as delicate as a flower like Catherine be willing to be a stepmother to someone else?


Ye Yunla finished her studio business in the morning and went down to drive to Ye’s Group again.

She was now the manager of Ye’s Group’s account department, and surprisingly, she was sitting in this position, so she had to do well.

She carried her bag to the fifteenth floor, this was the working area of the account department, the lunch break had just passed and the people in the office were all listless.

It wasn’t until Ye Yunla walked in that the crowd finally lifted their spirits.

Even the grassroots staff had heard about what had happened at the Ye Group’s shareholders’ meeting two days ago.

Other departments had not been affected, but their customer department had parachuted in their manager, and had turned the current manager into an assistant.

The client department had changed, and everyone was a little wary of the new officials.

“Good afternoon.”

Ye Yunla smiled and gave a greeting to the stunned crowd and walked into the manager’s office.

Only when the door of the manager’s office closed did the crowd breathe a sigh of relief.

“Crap! Ye Yunla has actually come to be the manager of our department!”

“Manager Chen was doing a good job, but he ended up being replaced just like that, it’s really too tragic!”

“Manager Chen is just cannon fodder for the two young ladies of the Ye family to fight for power, now the Ye family is the eldest lady in power, we’d better be careful.”

Although the embezzlement of public funds by the second Miss Ye family was suppressed, some well-informed people still heard the news, and now everyone basically knows that the second Miss Ye family has been expelled from the board of directors and forced to step down as the general manager, and the person who is in power now is the first Miss Ye family!

A female employee wearing a revealing dress coldly said, “Heh, you guys don’t forget that the heir to the Ye Group is Ye Xueying!”

As soon as she spoke, the surrounding employees shut their mouths.

This was Li Jiajun, Ye Xueying’s bestie, who had been shoved into the customer department by Ye Xueying at the beginning.

She had been in the account department for two or three years, but had never pulled back a single client, and did not work hard or actively, as a result, every quarterly evaluation, Li Jiajun would be judged as an outstanding employee and then take the highest performance award.

The people in the customer department have a lot of opinions about her now, but who let her be Ye Xueying’s bestie, the people have grievances and do not dare to send them out.

“Xue Ying is the second largest shareholder of the company and the heir to the company, what kind of waves can Ye Yunla turn out?” Li Jiajun sneered, “She used such tactics to sit in the position of the account department manager, the first person to disobey is Chen Yuheng!”

Everyone called Chen Yu Heng Chen manager, so Li Jiajun was the only one who dared to call the manager by his first name, taking advantage of Ye Xue Ying’s power.

As soon as her words fell, Chen Yu Heng walked over, “Why should I disobey?”