HC Chapter 148

He sank a breath, “Formal logical fallacies, and non-formal logical fallacies.”

Fu Beijue was obviously a little surprised.

He had thought that this boy was just reading a book to pretend, but he had never expected that he had really read it.

Books on logic were boring, even more boring than mathematics, and to be able to read through this book and understand it was not something ordinary people could do.

What’s even better is that this child is only four years old.

Fu Beijue closed the book and said in a light voice: “One more question about logic.”

Ye Jingzhan’s patience ran out: “I don’t want this book.”

“If you want to study logic, you can’t be this patient.” Fu Beijiu coldly hooked his lips, “The question I want to ask has to do with your mommy.”

As soon as his mommy was mentioned, Ye Jingzhan became unsettled.

He pursed his lips and said word for word, “You’d better stay away from my mommy, or else-”

“What I’m going to ask is just that one question.” Fu Beijiu interrupted him, “If you say today, tell me to stay away from your mummy or else kill me, these words were heard by at least three people. By the next day, I was dead, so may I ask, how can this matter be explained using the viewpoint in logic?”

Ye Jingzhan had been studying logic for the past half a month, and he had a great interest in it.

This question from Fu Beijue involved several theories in logic, and it also mentioned Mummy, so he had the desire to answer.

He pursed his lips and said in a light voice: “This belongs to the hindsight fallacy in logic, where a certain cause is affirmed because the result is seen. Ordinary people will only correlate to a single cause and effect, and if the matter is established, they will a*sume that I killed you. This is the most common logical error that ordinary people make ……”

He spoke eloquently, with an aura enveloping his body.

For some reason, Fu Beijiu saw Fu Ziyan in him.

There was a time when Fu Ziyan had also been interested in logic, but then he put the course on hold because he had to be busy with his company’s affairs.

“How about it, are you still satisfied with my answer?”

Ye Jingzhan finished, raising his eyebrows lightly, glowing with confidence on display.

Fu Beijue once again curled his lips.

When he was in front of Ye Yunla, this was a well-behaved and understanding child who would take care of his sister.

But now, in the absence of Ye Yunla, he had revealed a different side.

Open and reckless, with a backbone hidden between his brows.

This child, is not as simple as he appears to be.

A child with too high an IQ saves the adults’ hearts, yet he can also do amazing things behind their backs.

Fu Ziyan had him to restrain him and was able to restrain himself a little.

But this child –

Did that woman Ye Yunla know that her son had such an unbelievable IQ?

Fu Beijue threw the book over, “You’re very good, keep reading.”

Ye Jingzhan took the book and went upstairs, entering his room and locking the door behind him.

Fu Beijue sat on the sofa, suddenly feeling embarra*sed.

Ye Yunla’s mother and three sons were all on the first floor, and that boy Fu Ziling had also run upstairs, so what was he doing here alone?

He took out his phone and flipped through it, but the news he used to be able to concentrate on was completely inaccessible, so he simply stood up and walked around the house.

There was a family portrait hanging behind the sofa in the living room.

It was a picture of Ye Yunla and her two children, and it was a warm yellow background that looked very warm and welcoming.

He glanced sideways again and looked elsewhere; there were also two family portraits hanging in the dining room, as well as a single photo of the two children.

But, there was no sign of any man.

The house, too, did not look like a man had lived there ……