HC Chapter 138

Ye Yunla: “???”

If she remembered correctly, Ye Xueying was a face dog, right!

If General Bai was slightly more handsome, she might still be able to barely believe Fu Beijue’s words.

But from what she knew about Ye Xueying, there was no way this woman would be interested in a bald man.

Fu Beijue just watched as the contempt in Ye Yunla’s eyes grew deeper and deeper.

He took a sip of wine and very decisively changed the subject away, saying indifferently, “How’s little Yinyin?”

After this woman had carried the little girl away last time, she hadn’t even called.

He was a little worried about Little Yinyin’s condition.

Ye Yunla had wanted to say that it was none of your business.

But last time, it was indeed this man again who had taken Little Yinyin upstairs, showered and changed her clothes.

She pursed her scarlet lips and said in a light voice, “It’s okay.”

“I know a specialist doctor who treats children with autism, do you want to send Little Yinyin over for a look?” Fu Beijiu said in a low voice, “Little Yinyin can speak now, proving that there is a breakthrough in her autism, she should seize this moment to treat it properly ……”

“What did you say?” Ye Yunla lifted her eyelids, “Little Yinyin can talk?”

Fu Beijue’s jaw tensed, “What, you don’t even know that your daughter can talk?”

These words, again, began to clip the stick and thorn.

Ye Yunla frowned, “She has never spoken a word since she was born.”

This look of hers did not seem to be fake.

Even if a mother was busy, there was no way she wouldn’t know about her daughter’s inability to speak.

That meant that yesterday was most likely the first time Little Yum Yum had spoken.

The first time the little girl spoke was in front of him, and for some reason, Fu Beijue’s heart floated with a sense of achievement that was hard to say.

He paused, “When I took her back to the office yesterday, I called out to the secretary to give her a bath, she said the word no, and her voice was quite loud, there was no way I could have heard her wrong.”

Ye Yunla’s expression turned a little serious: “Mr. Fu, are you sure you’re not lying to me?”

“How would I lie to you about the child?” Fu Beijue spoke in a light voice, “Besides, I wouldn’t have anything to gain by lying to you.”

Ye Yunla’s fingers tightened.

She had suddenly lost her interest in attending the banquet.

She wanted to go back now and ask if Little Yinyin could speak.

“It has become a habit for autistic children to close themselves off and not speak easily, they need to be in a specific environment, in front of a specific person, before they will let their guard down.” Fu Beijue continued, “Although this is a bit of a big statement, I still want to say that your daughter seems to rely on me, perhaps that’s why she talks in front of me.”

Ye Yunla was tempted to deny his words, but after thinking about it, she gave up.

Little Yinyin did have a kind of fascination for this man, and even she, as a mother, didn’t know why.

“If Miss Ye trusts me, you can bring Little Yinyin to my office tomorrow and we can reenact yesterday’s scene.”

Fu Beijue clinked his gla*s with her and didn’t stay much longer.

Ye Yunla stared at his back and pursed her lips.

It was about Little Yinyin, and she didn’t want to delay for a moment.

She said hello to Xie Zhirui and left the banquet hall with her dress.

Half an hour later, the car pulled up in front of the villa.

Ye Yunla pushed open the car door and got out, and was about to go in when a man suddenly rushed out from the flower bed.

She was startled and hurriedly ducked to the side.

The figure flung itself directly onto the ground and burst into tears with a whimper.

“Auntie Yunara, why didn’t you catch me, the fall hurt me so much, it was killing me ……”

“Little Ling Ling?” Ye Yunla hurriedly knelt down and picked him up, “Why are you here?”