HC Chapter 136

What does it mean when Duke Fu introduces her to the heavyweight clients of the Fu family?

It means that Duke Fu treats her as one of his own!

Thinking of this, the smile on Ye Xueying’s face grew brighter and brighter: “Except for the fact that Mr. Bai has a bit less hair, he’s still quite handsome under a closer look.”

She did not move to pat Bai Fan’s a*s.

Being praised by the great beauty for his handsome looks, Bai Fan was so happy that he could hardly find his north, he said with a slight modesty, “Miss Ye is the real great beauty, I have attended so many parties in Hai Cheng, this is the first time I have seen someone who is more beautiful than the stars and moon in the sky ……”

Ye Xueying’s eyes curved with a smile.

Which woman didn’t like to be complimented, especially by such a successful person.

She bowed her head and pursed her lips, making a delicate and reserved appearance.

Fu Beijue drank most of the wine in his cup and said in a light voice: “Miss Ye has just been discharged from the hospital and is not feeling well, so please take care of her for me, Mr. Bai.”

Bai Fan hurriedly nodded: “Don’t worry Mr. Fu, I will take good care of Miss Ye!”

Ye Xueying always felt that something was wrong, she twisted her head and said, “Beijue, it’s better for you to take care of me, I ……”

“I have to go to the washroom, I can’t take care of you.”

Fu Beijue drew out his hand, turned around and walked away.

Ye Xueying bit her lips, that ominous feeling in her heart growing stronger.

“Miss Ye, let’s go over there and sit and talk.” Bai Fan smiled attentively, “I’ve heard that the Ye family has part of the heavy industry, I wonder if I have the opportunity to cooperate with the Ye family?”

Upon hearing this, Ye Xueying hastily suppressed the ominous premonition in her heart.

If she could negotiate for this client of the Bai family, she could salvage a little bit of her bad image in the eyes of the shareholders’ meeting of the Ye Group.

She nodded and followed Bai Fan to the side lounge area to talk.

In the distance, Ye Yunla took in the scene.

“What exactly is the relationship between Fu Beijue and Ye Xueying?” Xie Zhirui said with a frown, “Such a status as Fu Beijue actually condescends to introduce clients to Ye Xueying, it’s really mind-boggling.”

He paused and continued, “If we let Ye Xueying pull a big client like Bai Fan, the shareholders of Ye’s Group will likely fall back again.”

The shareholders of Ye’s were a group of profit-oriented businessmen.

Whoever can make money for them, they are willing to hold up whoever ……

“LaLa, let me introduce you to a few clients first.” Xie Zhirui said in a deep voice.

Ye Yunla smiled faintly, “First cousin, don’t panic.”

Although those people in Ye’s Group’s shareholders’ meeting had the word profit at the forefront, but, between the Bode Group and the Bai family, everyone knew which project was more profitable.

Even if Ye Xueying did reach a partnership with the Bai family, it didn’t mean much.

Ye Yunla did not take this matter to heart.

Xie Zhirui, however, was so anxious that without saying a word, he led her through the guests and kept introducing her to clients.

Ye Yunla was beautiful, and her smile was so charming that many men could not resist.

Xie Zhirui’s move, in turn, gave those men an excuse to come up and strike up a conversation ……

“Miss Ye, I heard that you are currently the manager of the customer department of the Ye Group?”

“If Miss Ye needs any help, just tell me, I’d be happy to be Miss Ye’s client.”

“I hope I will also have the pleasure of working with Miss Ye ……”

Seven or eight men gathered around, instantly crowding Xie Zhirui out of the way.

Xie Zhirui frowned, always feeling that something was wrong.

As soon as he turned his eyes, he saw a pair of eyes staring coldly and soberly over ten meters away.