HC Chapter 133

When Fu Beijiu walked into the villa, Butler Qiao immediately stepped forward to take the briefcase he was holding.

“Sir, the young master is in class and the eldest has just returned.”

Fu Beijiu nodded, changed his shoes and went upstairs into the study.

Although he had returned from the company, he still had a lot of things to deal with.

He had just pushed open the door to his study when he saw Fu Ziyan sitting on the sofa, obviously waiting for him.

“Daddy, do you have time to talk?”

Fu Ziyan asked as he looked up and spoke plainly.

Fu Beijiu nodded: “What do you want to talk about?”

This son, who was most like him, was only four years old and had already become an excellent group helmsman.

The reason why he tolerated Ye Xueying in every way was largely because Ye Xueying had given him such an excellent heir.

“I want to talk about motherhood.”

As soon as Fu Ziyan’s words left his mouth, Fu Beijue’s expression went cold.

He loosened his tie with some impatience, “What’s there to talk about her.”

He didn’t want to hear a single word about that woman.

“I know daddy doesn’t like her, but she’s my and little Ling Ling’s mother.” Fu Ziyan said word by word, “Daddy should also know that mother’s greatest wish is to marry into the Fu family and become the rightful mother of little Ling Ling and me.”

Fu Beijiu snorted, “Zi Yan, although you have a deep heart, you can’t hide it from me. In fact, you don’t like that woman as much as little Ling Ling does.”

“But she’s my mother, and that’s something no one can change.” Fu Ziyan’s tone was very flat, “I just want to ask father one question, has mother ever married into the Fu family one day in her life?”


Fu Beijiu threw out two words coldly.

He had never had the thought of getting married, if he didn’t have these two sons, he might have entered into a business alliance in order to continue the Fu family lineage.

But now, there was no need for that.

He would rather end up alone than marry Ye Xueying into his family.

I don’t know why, but at this time, the figure of Ye Yunla suddenly came to his mind.

Discussing the topic of tying the knot or not, how could he think of that woman?

It was ridiculous!

“I understand.” Fu Ziyan nodded his head, “Then can Daddy arrange the rest of his mother’s life for her on account of her having given birth to little Ling Ling and me?”

Fu Beijue’s eyes narrowed, “What do you mean?”

“Mother likes power and money the most, daddy see if you can introduce mother to a man like that.” Fu Ziyan paused and continued, “If mother can successfully marry a rich man, she should no longer feel sorry for herself.”

Fu Beijiu: “……”

Was his son trying to get him to be a matchmaker?

He didn’t have such a fetish!

But when meeting Fu Ziyan’s expectant eyes, he could only compromise again.

“Fine, I’ll have my assistant see if there’s a suitable candidate in Haicheng.”

Once Ye Xueying had another person to climb to, she shouldn’t come to the Fu family anymore, and he would be able to clear his head a little.

Fu Beijiu lowered his head and dialed a phone number out.

“Mr. Fu, there happens to be a business dinner tomorrow night, the top ten big entrepreneurs in Haicheng will all be present, you can make personal contact then.”

“OK, give me two invitations.”