HC Chapter 131

After separating from Ye Yunla, Fu Ziyan went to the hospital.

Ye Xue Ying was lying on the hospital bed, her whole body was haggard to the extreme.

Only when she saw Fu Ziyan enter did her face take on a glow: “Ziyan, I knew you were the most filial, I’m so happy that you came to see me in the hospital …… The luckiest thing in my life is to have had such an understanding and well-behaved son like you ……”

She took Fu Ziyan’s hand and rubbed it hard.

Fu Ziyan was uncomfortable, he did not move to pull his hand out and said indifferently, “Mother, you should not think about the company, get well.”

“How can I not think about it?” Xu Yuying sat on the edge of the hospital bed and said coldly, “Zi Yan, now that your mother has been expelled from the board of directors and Ye Yunla has managed to enter the company, in a few days’ time, the Ye Group will be in Ye Yunla’s pocket, at that time, no matter what we do, there will be no point! It wasn’t easy for your mother to give birth to you in October, she has suffered so much, you can’t just stand by and watch!”

Fu Ziyan’s jaw tightened as he said in a light voice, “Mother has been the general manager of Ye’s Group for four years and has not contributed much to Ye’s Group, which is enough to show that she has no talent for business. Since this is the case, it is better to withdraw from the Ye Group in this regard ……”

“Unbridled!” Xu Yuying said angrily, “Little brat, are you in cahoots with that little bitch Ye Yunla?”

Ye Xue Ying bit her lip and cried, “Zi Yan, it’s true that I’m not as smart as you, but I’m the heir to the Ye Group, and sooner or later I’m going to take over the company. If I just roll out in the dust like this, then the company will become Ye Yunla’s world, and when she takes the position of general manager, then what will I, what will I do ……”

“Mother still has me.” Fu Ziyan spoke in a light voice, “With me around, no one will dare to belittle mother.”

“But, no one knows that you are my son!” Ye Xue Ying roared a little out of control, “I can accept to quit the Ye Group, but only if the Fu family must disclose my identity!”

If everyone in the entire Hai Cheng knew that she was the real mother of the Fu family’s prince, then, it was fine to give up the position of the general manager of the Ye Group!

Fu Ziyan shook his head faintly, “It is impossible for Daddy to disclose my identity and Little Ling Ling’s identity.”

The Fu family had too many enemies, and if daddy were to declare that he had two sons, he and Little Ling Ling would definitely become a thorn in the side of the Fu family’s enemies.

But his mother, it seemed, did not care at all about his and Little Ling Ling’s well-being.

Fu Ziyan’s fingers tightened and he said in a faint voice, “I will think of a way to deal with the Ye family, mother get well and stop thinking nonsense.”

Looking at his cold little face, Ye Xue Ying knew that it was impossible for her to achieve her goal.

She covered her face and broke down in tears.

“I should have aborted you and little Ling Ling five years ago, I should never have given birth to you …… If I didn’t have you guys, I would still be the clean Miss Ye family, I could still choose a good man to marry …… But now, because of the two of you, I don’t dare to marry at all!”

“Your daddy is unwilling to marry me, I can’t get married again even after I’ve given birth, my only reliance is the Ye family, but now, the Ye family is also going to be snatched away by Ye Yunla, what’s the point of me living ……”

Xu Yuying sat on the edge of the hospital bed and wiped her tears: “My poor daughter, she gave birth to two sons for the Fu family, but she didn’t get any good. I should have known that I should have forced you to go to the operating table with a knife. …… Xue’er, my miserable Xue’er ah, we can’t live together ……”

Fu Ziyan’s eyebrows knitted tightly.

Watching Ye Xueying cry, he didn’t feel the least bit heartbroken, all he had was annoyance and impatience.

What he hated most was having such a mother.

He would rather he had never been born.

But, it was what it was, how could it be changed?

He closed his eyes for a few seconds before slowly opening them, “Does mother want to marry into the Fu family so badly?”