HC Chapter 128

He had already left the city, but why was he still so haunted?

She pursed her lips, “Fine, I’ll take it then.”

Mr Li relaxed with a smile, “Miss Ye, although Young Feng is a bit of a womanizer, he really cares about you, I think you can consider being his girlfriend.”

“Hey, hey, hey, Mr Li, it’s just one project, I’m not going to have to give my life to that dead b*****d Feng Chengyu!”

Mr. Li laughed out loud, “I’m just a small suggestion, it’s up to you whether you listen to it or not.”

Ye Yunla propped her chin up speechlessly.

She had introduced Mr. Li to Feng Chengyu, and he had been recognised by the senior management of the Boulder Group, and had been able to rise to the top of the career ladder ever since.

This was also the reason why Mr. Li was willing to work with Ye’s Group.

But if she had known that Feng Cheng Yu’s bouquet of flowers was waiting here, she should not have asked Mr. Li for help.

As Ye Yunla and Mr. Li talked, a pair of eyes stared at her unblinkingly.

Fu Ziyan sat in the corner by the window, looking at Ye Yunla with a complicated expression.

I don’t know why, but seeing Ye Yunla talking and laughing with another man, he had a very uncomfortable feeling in his heart.

It was an emotion that had never been felt before.

“Young Fu, Young Fu?”

The woman sitting opposite him plucked up her voice and shouted twice, seeing him come back to his senses before continuing, “Are you sure you want to invite Master Alice for a lesson? Master Alice may not have that much time ……”

Fu Ziyan nodded indifferently, “One lesson a week is enough, when can the lessons start?”

“Every Saturday afternoon for two hours.” The woman smiled, “Fu Shao remember to prepare the children’s piano in advance, so it’s smoother to play.”

Fu Ziyan shook his head, “I’m not the one learning, it’s a woman who’s not too far behind you.”

He remembered that his mother had taken piano lessons when she was a child, which was why he had arranged piano lessons for her.

The piano could cultivate the emotions, and he hoped that his mother’s restless heart would settle down after spending her days with the piano.

He hoped that his and Fu Ziling’s mother would be an elegant and generous woman.

And not a calculating …… person at all times

“See you on Saturday, then, Young Fu.”

The piano teacher put away the information and turned to leave the restaurant.

Fu Ziyan sat in his seat, his gaze involuntarily looking in Ye Yunla’s direction again.

He had very mixed emotions towards this woman.

Although this was his blood relation’s great aunt, yet, there was a deep grudge against his mother.

That was why the Ye family had never formally introduced him to Ye Yunla.

He had wasted a lot of effort to find out about Ye Yunla, but he could only find out about her life trajectory before she was eighteen, and the four years she had lived abroad seemed to have been deliberately erased.

Ye Yunla was talking to Mr Li about the project when she suddenly felt a strong gaze fall on her.

She wrinkled her brows and followed the gaze, and saw a tiny child sitting in the corner of the window.

Just as she raised her head, the child whipped her head around so that she could only barely see a side face.

This side face, so familiar ……

It resembled Jing’er, yet it was not Jing’er.

It seemed to have been seen again somewhere ……


Ye Yunla’s eyes were wide.

That day at the Xie Group’s new product launch, it seemed that she had been saved by this child.

After she was discharged from the hospital, she had asked her cousin to check the whereabouts of this child, but no news could be found.

I never thought I would meet him here.

After saying sorry to Mr. Li, Ye Yunla took a step and walked towards Fu Ziyan’s direction.