HC Chapter 122

The assistant was in high spirits, “Yes Mr. Ye, I’ll get right on it.”


Ye Yunla took the account book and went back to her studio.

This was Ye’s group’s external account book, which was very beautifully done, and at a cursory glance, one could not see any mistakes at all.

She took a picture of the ledger and sent it to Feng Chengyu: “Within three hours, find the loopholes in the ledger.”

“Little Lara, I’ve already graduated from the finance department, it’s too much to ask me to look at the books again, isn’t it?”

“This isn’t an exam, it’s the Ye Group’s ledger, there’s a prize for finding the loopholes.” After Ye Yunla sent the line over, she left it alone.

She opened her computer and started writing the code.

The A-F project wasn’t really complicated, it was mainly the design that had a few twists and turns that, if not sorted out, would fall into the mundane and overlap with products currently on the market ……

Ye Yunla was busy until five o’clock before she was ready to go to kindergarten.

But at that moment she received a phone call, she scanned it, smiled and put it through: “Mr. Li.”

“Miss Ye, I’ve sent the electronic contract to your email address, your electronic signature on the contract will be effective.”

“Thank you, Mr. Li.” Ye Yunla said as she walked away, “I’ll treat Mr. Li to dinner tomorrow after the Ye Group’s shareholders’ meeting.”

“Miss Ye is too polite, it’s just a handful, how can you take it as a thank you.” Mr. Li said after a pause, “An hour ago, the assistant general manager of your Ye Group contacted me and said he wanted to have a meal with me alone.

The general manager of the Ye Group was Ye Xueying, which meant that Ye Xueying had sent her own assistant to contact the people of the Bode Group.

What the purpose was, it was self-evident.

Ye Yunla sneered, “The specialties of Haicheng are good, Mr. Li can go and try them tonight.”

“Good, then I’ll listen to Miss Ye.”


Ye’s Group.

“Mr. Ye, Mr. Li has agreed to dinner!” The assistant rushed into the office happily, “It’s at 7:30 pm.”

The depression in Ye Xueying’s heart was swept away.

After so many days of bad luck, there was finally one good thing that could come out of it.

She walked back and forth in the office a few times, pursed her lips and said, “It’s not appropriate for me to appear in this matter, you go to the appointment alone, remember, make sure to convince Mr. Li to refuse to cooperate with the Ye Group!”

“Mr. Ye, don’t worry, I’ll do my job!”

The assistant calmly went to the appointment.

At 9pm, the assistant called, “Mr. Ye, I’ve asked Mr. Li, he said that the Boulder Group is planning to cooperate with the Zhuang family and has not considered the Ye Group, Missy has lost the bet and will not be able to join the board again, so you can rest early, Mr. Ye.”

“You’ve done a beautiful job on this matter, I’ll credit your account tomorrow.”

Hanging up the phone, Ye Xue Ying curled the corners of her mouth.

Throwing Ye Yunla out of the board meeting was only the first step, next, she would take back the shares in Ye Yunla’s hands little by little.

The next morning, Ye Xue Ying arrived at the company refreshed.

It was the third day of the bet, and the board meeting had been held today as an exception, and the entrance to the meeting room was very busy.

Some people who knew the insider information had already spread some words out.

“I heard that Boulder Group signed a contract with the banker ……”

“I’ve long said that it’s impossible for a company like the Bode Group to cooperate with the Ye’s, only Missy dares to have such daydreams!”