HC Chapter 116

Ye Yunla sighed and stroked her hair, rubbing her face against her forehead.

She raised her eyes to look at the man sitting in front of the president’s desk and said softly, “Thank you Mr. Fu for helping me take care of my daughter.”

Fu Beijue played with the pen in his hand, his eyes were cold: “If I hadn’t met you, your daughter might have become a hot commodity in the hands of human traffickers.”

“Mr. Fu, my daughter …… Why did she appear in the Fu Group?”

Ye Yunla pursed her lips and asked in a slow voice.

Jing’er had grown up smart, and she didn’t have to worry at all about going out alone in a car.

But Little Yinyin was a pampered flower in a greenhouse and had never left home alone, not to mention that Little Yinyin had a communication disorder.

She really can’t figure out why Little Yinyin would come here ……

Fu Beijiu leaned back in his chair and said coldly, “I also want to ask you this question, your daughter is still so young, how could she come to Fu’s group alone?”

In his voice, there was a hint of temptation.

Ye Yunla narrowed her eyes, “Mr. Fu wouldn’t think that I deliberately let her come here to look for you, would he?”

Fu Beijue’s eyebrows were cold and sullen, and he did not speak.

“Although countless women want to become Mrs. Fu, I’m sorry, I’m not interested in being a stepmother.” Ye Yunla smiled lightly, “The case of my daughter’s disappearance has been filed, and the police should come to see Mr. Fu later to take a statement. I would like to remind Mr. Fu that when you find a lost child, you should contact the police at the first opportunity, otherwise it will be easy for people to mistake you for abducting my daughter!”

Her eyes were sharp as a blade.

Fu Beijiu’s tongue rested against his upper jaw, and he suddenly gave a gangly smile.

He had been kind enough to save her daughter, and she had come to threaten him.

This woman, she really didn’t know what was good for her!

He got up and, step by step, approached Ye Yunla.

He was more than five feet tall, and when he stood up, the ceiling lights were mostly blocked by him.

He had a cold aura about him, like an evil shura that had come from hell.

Ye Yunla took a step backwards, holding little Yinyin in her arms.

The child in her arms also seemed a little uneasy and hugged her neck tightly.

Fu Beijue continued to move closer until he had cornered her.

“Ye Yunla, if there is another time, I will throw your daughter out!”

He just wanted to let Ye Yunla know his bottom line.

Who expected that as soon as his words left his mouth, Little Yinyin suddenly twisted her head and gave him a hard glare.

Then she lifted the milk in her hand and, with a clatter, poured it on his face.

The sticky milk dripped down from his hair, and Fu Beijiu’s face was incomparably blue.

This milk, which he had specially instructed his secretary to buy to coax this little girl, ended up being mostly splashed on his face.

In his twenty years of life, it was the first time he had ever had milk splashed on his face.

Ye Yunla was also stunned.

She hadn’t expected Little Yinyin to make a move on this man at all.

She hastily hugged the child in her arms tightly and took several steps back to the side with her cat’s back, “Mr. Fu, this is indeed my daughter’s fault, I apologize to you in her place, next time I’ll be the host and treat you to dinner, and please don’t get angry with a child ……”

As she spoke, she paid attention to Fu Beijiu’s expression.

Just see the man’s face getting colder and colder.

Little Yinyin also seemed to realize that she had made a big mistake, and her face was buried in her chest, and her body was shaking.

“Mr. Fu, I still have to go to the police station to withdraw the disappearance case, I’ll go first ……”

Ye Yunla hugged Little Yinyin and withdrew.

Fu Beijiu raised his hand and wiped his face, his hands were full of milk.

When Ye Yunla hadn’t come yet, the little girl was clearly clinging to him and must have his company to feel at ease.

He gave her a bath with his own hands, washed her hair with his own hands, dressed her with his own hands, and dried her hair with his own hands ……

But now, the little girl backhandedly splashed a bottle of milk on his body.

His heart was suddenly cold ……