HC Chapter 113

Ye Yunla had finished talking to Xie Zhirui about the recruitment and was about to go for a cup of coffee.

Her mobile phone vibrated sharply on the desktop.

She scanned it and it was Teacher Yu.

The children had been in kindergarten for some time now and Teacher Yu had never contacted her during school hours.

Ye Yunla put her cup down and put the phone through: “Teacher Yu?”

“Mama Yinyin, something’s happened ……” Yu Jiao’s voice trembled, “Little Yinyin has disappeared ……”

“What did you say?!”

Ye Yunla’s voice snapped to a high pitch.

She found a quieter place and tried to calm down, “Teacher Yu, what exactly happened, please tell us slowly.”

“This morning during exercise, Ye Jingzhan and Little Yinyin disappeared, I checked the surveillance, at eight forty in the morning, Little Yinyin left the kindergarten alone, ten minutes later, Ye Jingzhan also sneaked out of the kindergarten to look for his sister ……”

Ye Yunla’s heart tightened for a moment, “That means Little Yinyin has been missing for two hours?!”

She gripped the phone tightly, grabbed her car keys and headed out.

“Yinyin mother, it was Ye Jingzhan who didn’t let us inform you, he said he would definitely find little Yinyin …… It’s just that two hours have pa*sed and he still hasn’t found Ye Yinyin, so we can only contact the parents ……” Yu Jiao’s voice was thick with self-recrimination, “I’m sorry Yinyin’s mother, this is our garden’s responsibility, the director has already called the police ……”

“I know.”

Ye Yunla directly spoke the phone and hung up.

She called Ye Jingzhan’s phone again.

At this moment, Ye Jingzhan was standing in the street with people coming and going, his eyes blank and confused.

He had searched along the road for two hours, but had found nothing.

He had lost his sister.

“Buzz ……”

His smartwatch vibrated.

He scanned it and it was Mummy.

He pursed his pink and white lips and put the call through, “Mummy, my sister is missing ……”

“Tell me where you are.” Ye Yunla sat in the car, her hand on the steering wheel, and started the engine.

Ye Jingzhan gave an address.

Ye Yunla said in a low voice, “Wait in place, I’ll be right over.”

She stepped on the accelerator and the car sped off, eight minutes later, her car was parked in front of Ye Jingzhan.

“Mummy, it’s all my fault ……”

Ye Jingzhan’s eyes were red and his voice choked.

Ye Yunla got out of the car and rubbed his hair, “I don’t blame you, tell me where did you last see Yinyin?”

Ye Jingzhan pointed across the road, “I saw my sister across the road and was about to go after her when a car drove past me ……”

This was a busy street with many cars on the road.

The only thing Ye Yunla was thankful for at this time was that little Yinyin had not been in a car accident.

She pursed her lips and spoke, “Have you seen the street surveillance?”

Ye Jingzhan looked like a dreamer who had suddenly woken up, he swallowed a mouthful of cold air: “I forgot.”

He was so anxious that he had only been looking for his sister and had forgotten everything.

Ye Yunla took out a computer from the car and handed it to Ye Jingzhan.

Five minutes later, the surveillance of the street was pulled up.

“Mummy, my sister last appeared here ……”

The screen paused and Ye Jingzhan pointed at the surveillance and said softly.

Ye Yunla saw little Yinyin standing alone in the street with traffic, her eyes blank and helpless.

Her heart sank for a moment.

Little Yinyin’s autism was so severe that she was unable to communicate with the outside world.

It was her fault for being a bad mother.

Ye Yunla had been holding back her anxiety for a long time, but the moment she saw Little Yinyin, it finally came out.

She stared at the screen for a few seconds, pointed at a red car on the roadside and slowly said, “Zoom in.”