HC Chapter 110

“Team Yu, what’s going on?”

a*sistant Zheng came downstairs to do his work, and saw the always tall and imposing security team leader, Team Yu, lying on the floor, looking a bit ridiculous indeed.

Team Yu touched his nose, “A little girl broke in and hid under the table, what do you think, a*sistant Zheng?”

a*sistant Zheng swept a glance under the table, as the tablecloth had been lifted by Team Yu, this angle was just right to see the little girl’s wide-eyed eyes.

Those eyes were full of caution, as well as fear and anxiety.

Although the light under the table was dim, it was still clear that this was a white, soft and cute little girl.

a*sistant Zheng’s heart melted in half as he spoke, “This child looks to be just over three years old, and her parents should be nearby. Don’t scare the child, take it to the rest room and wait for the parents to come and claim it.”

Team Yu responded and went under the table to hold the little girl.

Ye Yinyin looked at the hand that reached out, terrified and full of fear, she let go of the corner of the table and turned around and ran.

“Hey, don’t run!”

By the time Team Yu got out from under the table, Ye Yinyin’s figure had already disappeared into the lobby.

a*sistant Zheng swept a glance and took the documents upstairs.

He had too many things to deal with every day, and a child didn’t attract too much of his attention.

He entered the president’s office with the documents and was about to report on his work when he heard that Fu Beijue was on the phone.

“Sneaking out again?”

“Send a few more people to find …….”

As soon as a*sistant Zheng heard this, he knew that it must be the young master of the Fu family who had run out again.

He saw Fu Beijiu hang up the phone, pinching his eyebrows with a cold and sullen face.

This was a sign of a mountain rain coming.

a*sistant Zheng’s heart and liver trembled.

The content of the work he was about to report was not good news, and when he opened his mouth later, he would definitely be scolded by Mr. Fu.

Even if Mr. Fu didn’t scold him, the cold air would be enough for him to suffer.

He swallowed and said with a dry smile, “Mr. Fu, don’t worry too much, children nowadays are very smart, the young master is four years old, he won’t get lost.”

Fu Beijiu’s voice was low and cold: “I do hope he is lost.”

Every word was wrapped in frost, and a*sistant Zheng felt like he was in the middle of a cold winter month, his feet and neck were cold.

He continued dryly, “I just went downstairs to get the documents and saw a little girl with no adult following her, running into Fu’s building alone, the security guards had a headache ……”

“Is anyone able to barge into Fu’s building now?” Fu Beijue’s voice was even colder, “Next time you see a small child come in, throw it out directly!”

a*sistant Zheng simply wanted to cry.

He had brought up the matter of the little girl because he wanted to lighten the mood, but he didn’t expect Mr. Fu to get even angrier.

Resigned to his fate, he flipped open the file and began to report on the project ……

At ten in the morning, Fu Beijiu was going to inspect the factory.

A group of people flanked him as he came out of the lift and walked out in big strides.

The security guards at the entrance of Fu’s building straightened their backs and saluted in unison to greet him: “Mr. Fu!”

Fu Beijiu’s face was expressionless and his aura was so outwardly exuberant that one dared not look straight at him.

a*sistant Zheng quickly went to pull the door of the back seat.

Just at that moment –

A pink glutinous rice ball rushed out from the flower bed and ran straight to Fu Beijiu.

She hugged Fu Beijiu’s thigh ……

There was a moment of silence on the scene.

After the silence, there was a*sistant Zheng’s somewhat broken voice: “Team Yu, quick, take this child away!”

Team Yu was scared to death.

Hadn’t this little girl run away long ago, why was she hiding in the flower bed?

Moreover, she was actually so bold as to hug Mr. Fu’s thigh!

What a treacherous thing to do!

Team Yu fiercely walked over and picked up Ye Yinyin’s back collar.