HC Chapter 1063

“Let her vent.” Fu Beijiu said in a light voice, “After three years of muddling through, she needs to vent.”

Four years ago, just to be alone, she went to the beach and went on a cruise.

She accidentally lost her footing and fell into the water ……

Then it was four years of hard separation from her family.

How many four years can one person have.

The Yung family saved her, and in the same way, killed their daughter and made her lose all memories of her past ……

There are some grudges that cannot be tied up.

But there is some anger that must be vented.

After waiting for about thirty minutes, Ye Yunla walked out coldly from the Rong family mansion.

Seeing the two men in the courtyard, she was slightly startled: “Why are you guys here?”

“Brother-in-law was worried about you, so he dragged me over here with him.” Zhuang Mingfeng scratched the back of his head, “Sister, are you alright?”

Ye Yunla’s eyes were a little red, “The last person to handle the child was a nurse surnamed Yu, I’ll go to the hospital and ask about it.”

The Rong family had bitten off more than they could chew that the child was dead.

The Rong family had been pushed to this point, they shouldn’t be able to lie to her again.

Even so, she wanted to find the child’s body and bury it properly.

But I heard that children who died young would be disposed of as medical waste ……

Ye Yunla’s heart clenched for a moment, aching to the point of suffocation.

Fu Beijue gave Zhuang Mingfeng a look, “You go over and find Nurse Yu first, your sister and I will be there soon.”

Zhuang Mingfeng didn’t want to stay and be a light bulb, so he immediately went.

Fu Beijue smoothly wrapped his arm around Ye Yunla’s waist: “Just think of these years as a nightmare, now that the dream is awake, everything will pa*s.”

Ye Yunla’s eyes were moist.

Yes, just think of it as a dream.

In the dream she had gotten pregnant and then lost a child.

In reality, she had four children, children and daughters, a happy family of six.

All the way there, Ye Yunla was silent.

But she had slowly figured it out.

Even if she hadn’t fallen into the sea four years ago, in her state, it would have been impossible for her to give birth to a child successfully.

At that time, she had almost hurt little Ling Ling, so what horrible thing could she not do?

The hospital was soon reached.

Zhuang Mingfeng was very efficient and a nurse who was about fifty years old was pressed into sitting in his office.

“What are you doing, what the hell are you doing, this is a society governed by the rule of law, it is against the law for you to do this!”

Nurse Yu struggled fiercely.

Fu Beijue swept his cold eyes towards her, “Yuncheng Rong family, you know that, right?”

Nurse Yu suddenly trembled.

It was what had happened in these last few years, how could she not know about it?

“Three years ago, the Rong family let you handle a child, where is that child!”

Ye Yunla grabbed Nurse Yu by the collar of her coat and asked word by word.

She didn’t want to waste any more time, she couldn’t wait to know everything!

Nurse Yu’s face snapped white.

She had been involved in that surgery three years ago, and the Rong family had given her three hundred thousand dollars in hush money.