HC Chapter 1061

Only then did the four children react.

Fu Ziling said with some disbelief, “Mummy, are we having a younger brother or sister?”

Ye Yunla recalled for a moment.

It should be a girl.

She said in a slow voice, “It’s a sister.”

“I’m going to be a sister!” Fu Yin Yin smiled happily, “Great, I’m finally not the youngest.”

She and her three brothers were obviously about the same age, yet she was always considered the youngest.

The youngest had the advantage of being the smallest, but it also had the disadvantage of being shielded from whatever happened.

Ye Yunla, however, could not be happy.

Having spent these past few years with the Rong family, she had the feeling that they were very protective.

To cover up this sin, maybe they would give the baby to ……

Ye Yunla closed her eyes, not wanting to worry the few children along.

“Knock knock!”

There was a sudden knock on the door of the room.

Zhuang Mingfeng pushed the door open and entered, he looked at the person lying on the hospital bed and spoke tentatively, “Miss Rong ……”

“It’s Mummy!” Fu Ziling said with a smile, “Uncle, Mummy remembers the past, she remembers everything!”

Zhuang Mingfeng was full of surprise: “So, remember me?”

“You’re much more mature than you were four years ago.” Ye Yunla looked at him and said, “Is the president of Zhuang’s group now you?”

Zhuang Mingfeng’s eyes were red with excitement, “Sister, I have indeed grown up, I can manage Zhuang’s Group well and protect you in the future.”

Never again would he let his sister go missing.

Never again will I let anyone hurt my sister.

Ye Yunla’s heart warmed.

Her family had never given up on finding her.

That was the greatest treasure a person could have, right?

Ye Yunla’s health was fine, she could be discharged after half a day’s rest.

When she left, she went to Little Grape’s ward to take another look.

The little girl’s eyes were closed and she was sleeping heavily.

Zhou Xiaoling and Fan Ton stood by the door, unwilling to leave for a moment.

Having such a pair of adoptive parents was also Little Grapes’ greatest fortune in this life, right?

Ye Yunla did not return to Hai Cheng.

Instead, she went straight to Yuncheng.

The four children and Fu Beijue all wanted to follow, but she refused.

The problem between her and the Rong family, she wanted to solve it herself ……

The Rong Chang family was not at the Rong family villa, but went to the old Rong family residence.

After the nightmare of last night, the Rong family was on edge.

Old Lady Rong summoned everyone to a meeting in the living room.

Although the crisis had pa*sed, the family felt that the matter would not end so easily.

Under the pressure of Old Madam Rong’s authority, Rong Chang finally said everything.

“What did you say!”

Old Madam Rong did not hold back and directly threw the tealight in her hand out.

“Heartless thing, even the children can lay hands on them!”

Old Madam Rong’s voice was trembling.

She vaguely knew that in order to save her granddaughter, the two oldest members of the family had drained the blood of that girl, Rong Yunyang.

Yet, she had never thought that a human life was involved in the middle of it.

The Fu family didn’t even know that the Rong family had done the b*****d thing that had nearly bankrupted the Rong family.

If they knew that the Rong family had killed that child, the entire Rong family of a dozen people would have to pay for that child’s life ……

“The child has nothing to do with us!” Bai Xiaoyu said with a pale face, “The child that was born prematurely, gave birth and cried before it ran out of air, so we gave the dead baby to the hospital nurse ……”

Old Lady Rong said angrily, “If you hadn’t forced a caesarean section, could something have happened to the child?”

“She was in a coma for seven months, her body was undernourished, even without us, the child wouldn’t have survived!” Rong Chang said in a deep voice, “Besides, Rong Yunye has lost her memory, as long as we, the Rong family, don’t say anything, she will never know about the baby!”