HC Chapter 1060

When he returned to the ward, Pete had already arrived.

As soon as he saw Rong Yunyan, his eyes widened, “It’s really you, I thought you were dead ……”

Before he could finish a sentence, he felt Fu Beijue’s cold gaze.

He swallowed back the words that followed and said impatiently, “Let me hypnotize you to retrieve your memory.”

Rong Yunyang had been waiting for this day for a long time.

In these years in Yuncheng, she had wondered who she was all the time.

If she didn’t know where she came from, how could she know where she was going to return.

Rong Yunyang was very cooperative with Pete, and in less than ten minutes, she was successfully hypnotised.

If someone had deliberately suppressed the memories, it would be very difficult and hard to get the original memories back.

But if it was just a physical reason for the memory loss, it was perfectly possible to help recall it by means of hypnosis ……

Because Rong Yunyang had completely opened her mind, the whole process went incredibly smoothly.

It was about an hour, or not even an hour, before the hypnosis was over.

Rong Yunyang slowly opened her eyes.

In front of her, were five faces.

Fu Beijue.

Fu Ziyan.

Fu Ziling.

Ye Jingzhan.

Ye Yinyin.

No, it should be Fu Jingzhan and Fu Yinyin.

A fractured image, like a slide show in Rong Yunyang …… Oh no, it should be Ye Yunla’s mind floating past.

She remembered a lot.

Starting slowly from her childhood.

Her years, eighteen years ago, were still considered carefree, but all that was ruined on the day of her Bar Mitzvah.

She was set up by her own sister, had a baby, was locked up in a warehouse for eight months, and finally gave birth to four children with difficulty ……

She left the country overnight with Jing’er and Yinyin, only to return four years later ……

She met little Ling Ling, met little Yan Yan ……

Had a grand wedding with Fu Beijiu ……

All the things, slowly connecting into lines in her mind, slowly merging into her past, her life ……


She sat up violently.

“I’m having a baby!” Ye Yunla’s eyes widened.

That memory was too deep.

She had fallen into the sea, washed up on the coast, and it was the Rong family who had saved her.

She lay in hospital for half a month and woke up the day she gave birth.

She didn’t give birth naturally, but was taken out by the Yung family by forced caesarean!

Her baby was still so small that she was carried away at birth ……

And the Rong family, in order to save the Rong family’s daughter, killed her daughter ……

After the birth that day, the Yung family arranged for a blood exchange operation within a few days, she couldn’t fight it and was pressed directly to the hospital bed ……

Then, she lost her memory ……

Fu Beijiu pressed her arm: “LaLa, take it easy, talk slowly about what’s going on.”

That child, Rong Chang had told him, had died prematurely because of premature birth.

It was a pain in his heart, and it should be a pain in the heart of LaLa as well.

“The baby didn’t die!” Ye Yunla’s eyes widened, “The baby was born crying and was carried away by the doctor …… I was so weak after the birth that I couldn’t even leave the ward, I don’t know where they took the baby to …… Before I could act to find the baby, I was forced to have a full body blood replacement surgery and also lost all my memories ……”

Fu Beijue’s expression sank coldly.

It seemed that the Rong family was not honest.

He pressed Ye Yunla’s hand and said softly, “Don’t worry, I will go and find out about this matter, and I will give you an answer before it gets dark.”

Ye Yunla knew what he was capable of.

She reluctantly sank down and continued to lie on the hospital bed.