HC Chapter 106

“I ……”

Ye Xueying grabbed her collar.

Of course she was afraid!

She was afraid that Ye Yunla knew the true identities of the Fu family’s two young masters!

She was afraid that the Fu family would know everything that had happened four years ago!

She was afraid of all the beautiful dreams that had been shattered over the past four years ……

Ye Xue Ying bit her lower lip and used all her strength to suppress her fear and anxiety.

“Zi Yan …… I’m scared ……” She stepped forward and took hold of Fu Ziling’s tiny hand, “Although Ye Yunla and I are half-sisters, the grudge between us is too deep to be resolved …… She will not rest easily this time when she returns to China, she will definitely get at you two brothers ……”

She lowered her eyes and slowly continued, “I asked you to look into the matter of Ye Yunla’s child because I wanted to hold Ye Yunla’s hand so that she wouldn’t dare to mess around …… Who knew that little Ling Ling would misunderstand me like this. I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to do this. You and little Ling Ling are Fu’s children, Ye Yunla should not dare to lay a hand on you, it’s my worry for nothing, I’ll leave now ……”

She raised her hand and stroked Fu Ziyan’s hair, turned and walked out.

Fu Ziyan pursed his lips.

He thought of the first moment he saw Ye Yunla that day.

It was like someone who had never seen snow before, seeing heavy snow falling for the first time, full of surprise.

But what followed was a biting coldness.

Even he could develop such a strong feeling for Ye Yunla, and it went without saying for Fu Ziling.

Fu Ziling was a bit stupid and would definitely step into Ye Yunla’s trap.

He had to get that woman to reveal her true colors between the time Fu Ziling fell into it.


Ye Yunla had a busy day and went to pick up her children from kindergarten at the end of the day.

The road conditions were good today, no traffic jams, and she arrived at the kindergarten entrance five minutes early.

She sat in the driver’s seat and waited, but suddenly saw a sneaky person hiding behind a large banyan tree in front of the kindergarten.

She squinted her eyes for a few seconds and her eyebrows sank sharply.

It was Ye Xueying!

What was this woman doing in the kindergarten?

Could it be that Ye Xue Ying knew about the existence of Little Jing’er and Little Yinyin?

Ye Yunla’s eyebrows held a sharp edge as she pushed open the car door and stepped down.

She slammed the car door shut with force, making a loud thud.

Ye Xue Ying was already weak when she hid behind a tree, and when she heard the loud noise she subconsciously looked over and collided exactly with Ye Yunla’s eyes.

“Xue’er, what are you doing here?”

Ye Yunla’s voice was gentle, but the light of her eyes was like a sharp blade.

Ye Xue Ying walked out with strong composure, the corners of her mouth curled into a smile, “Pa*sing by, taking a look around.”

“Really?” Ye Yunla sneered, “Then have you finished looking around?”

Ye Xueying slowly approached, she flicked her red-stained nails and suddenly sneered, “No wonder she didn’t come back after five years abroad without a word, it turns out that she was bringing her child …… Tsk, just four years ago you gave birth to twin dead babies and then immediately seamlessly linked to a pregnancy with a daughter, Ye Yunara ah Ye Yunara, you say how can you be so Sl*tty?”

Ye Yunla smiled instead of being angry, “Is that why you came to the nursery today?”

“Hehe, I just want everyone to see clearly how Sl*tty the number one beauty of Hai Cheng is.” Ye Xue Ying was full of ridicule, if word got out that Ye Yunla had given birth to another wild child, then the No.1 beauty of Hai Cheng would definitely become the biggest joke in town ……