HC Chapter 1057

It wasn’t too difficult to find news about the young lady of the Fu Group.

Four years ago, there was a lot of news about Ye Yunla, and her reputation as the number one beauty in Haicheng made her make the news no matter what she did.

Rong Yunyang looked at the news a little.

Many of them were the subtle looks and movements of a moment captured by the reporters.

She found that many of her micro-expressions were similar to Ye Yunla’s, and her drinking movements were exactly the same ……

She was becoming more and more convinced that perhaps, she really was the young lady of the Fu family.

It was because of this love deep in the marrow of her bones that she had moved on so quickly to this man, right ……

Rong Yunyang closed her computer and fell into deep thought.

Not even ten minutes later, Fu Beijue came upstairs with a bowl of wontons.

“It’s a little after five in the morning, many shops are not open, so I can only buy a bowl of wontons first to pad your stomach, I’ll go down later and buy some thin porridge upstairs.”

“Thank you.”

Rong Yunyang bowed her head and slowly ate the wontons.

The freshly cooked wontons were so hot that they burnt her heart.

As she ate slowly, the sky outside was slowly brightening, the sun was coming out soon.

Fu Beijue took her finished bowl and said softly, “Do you want to see the sunrise?”

Rong Yunyang twisted her head to look out of the window, her body reacting before her reason: “Yes, let’s go.”

She lifted the blanket and got down, Fu Beijue picked up the jacket on the side and draped it over her shoulders, “The air is cold in the morning, it’s better to put it on.”


Rong Yunyang found herself always saying thank you early in the morning.

After learning that she might be a double the day before, she had fled from Haicheng in the night.

And now after learning that she might be the young lady of the Fu family, she inexplicably wanted to be close to this man again.

A woman’s heart is so hard to understand.

Even she herself could not understand what she was thinking.

The two of them went straight to the rooftop on the top floor of the hospital, which was on the twelfth floor, and standing on the top floor they could see the sun slowly rising in the sky.

The morning sun spread over half the sky, and the salted egg-yolk-like red sun leapt out of the clouds slowly, little by little ……

The cool morning breeze blew over and messed up Rong Yun dye’s hair.

At this moment, her heart was strangely quiet.

All these years, she was so busy repaying the Rong family and starting her own business that she rarely had a moment of leisure.

As far as she could remember, she had never seen a sunrise.

It had never occurred to her that watching the sunrise would be so wonderful, that seeing a magnificent sunrise would relax one’s mind and body, and that the whole person would have a metaphysical feeling.

She was watching the sunrise, while Fu Beijiu was watching her.

His eyes greedily traced the contours of her features, as if he couldn’t get enough of them, couldn’t get enough of them ……

The sun broke through the clouds and the golden light instantly shone across the land.

The light broke through the sky and fell on Rong Yunyang’s face, illuminating the tiny downy hairs on her face clearly. The side of her face, with the shimmering light sweeping over it, looked beautiful beyond compare.

This face of hers is indeed subtly different from four years ago.

But she was more mature than she had been four years ago, and her temperament had an extra touch of composure, making her face appear even more gorgeous.

Fu Beijiu felt a longing to embrace her in his arms.

At that very moment, Rong Yunyan slowly turned her head back, and in that moment, the four eyes met.

There was an ambiguous and charming scent in the air.

Rong Yunyang looked into the man’s eyes as if she saw the deep sea, waves sweeping in, lapping at her heart, muscles, skin ……

Her whole body trembled a little.

Fu Beijue looked at her quietly and slowly approached ……