HC Chapter 1055

Four years ago, Jing’er had mentioned the blood exchange treatment option to him.

By changing all the blood in his body, he would be able to drain the biochip out of his body.

At the time, he thought it was too dangerous and had been reluctant to use this option.

He hadn’t expected that by mistake, the blood would still be replaced, so that Lara would become normal and would never be the same again as she had been four years ago, right?

He said in a deep voice, “How much was Kara bleeding at that time?”

Rong Chang thought for a moment before saying, “Over three thousand millilitres, her blood is very rare, we found ten people with this blood type to get this much blood together to pull her back from the death line ……”

Fu Beijiu stared soberly.

The human blood volume was around three to four thousand milliliters, and with a loss of over three thousand milliliters, there was indeed a need to replenish that much back.

That is to say, Lara had indeed changed her blood.

The after-effects from four years ago should have been completely cured.

One can only say that this is the only bit of luck in the four years of separation suffering ……

“After the surgery, Dye was in a coma for another two months or so, then woke up, but she forgot her past memories and we didn’t want to tell her about the baby, so three years pa*sed.” Rong Chang said in a low voice, “Dyeing is very smart and can hack technology, I was afraid that one day she would find out that she had given birth to a child in the medical system you, so I had all her medical records destroyed ……”

“In these three years, we have been arranging for Dyeing to have her body checked, once a week, our Rong family has really tried our best with Dyeing ……” There was a hint of pleading in Rong Chang’s voice, “The Rong family has worked hard for decades to finally have the Rong Group industry, please be merciful, let Rong live ……”

Fu Beijiu looked at him coldly, “If I know that you have a word to lie ……”

“I don’t dare, I absolutely don’t dare!” Rong Chang’s head was almost lowered to his knees, “Please let us off the hook, Mr. Fu ……”

Fu Beijiu’s fingers gently tapped on the desktop, “You go back.”

No answer, but the voice had softened a lot.

Rong Chang went out of the room, drenched in sweat, as if he had climbed out of the water.

Just as he reached the door, he received a call from Rong Bin: “Fu’s finally not pressuring us anymore, Rong Chang, you should act more carefully in the future, don’t offend such big people again ……”

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the website.

It was only when the sun rose in the sky that he reacted to the fact that a night had pa*sed.

Although he had come to Yuncheng, he hadn’t dared to look for LaLa.

He was afraid he wouldn’t be able to resist rushing into her life again in a forceful way.

But now, it didn’t matter.

His LaLa was well.

The child would be kept a secret.

He didn’t want her to get caught up in negative emotions again.

Fu Beijue got up and changed into a lake blue suit, which he felt was too old-fashioned again, so he took out a silvery grey one and changed into it, standing in front of the mirror to fix his hair and shave off his beard.

He stood in front of the mirror, straightened his hair and shaved off his beard.

He didn’t look like he hadn’t slept all night ……

He made a call out, “Find out where she is.”

With that, his face changed, “Okay, I know.”

He couldn’t think of anything else, grabbed his car keys and rushed towards the hospital.

The hospital was the quietest time of the day in the early hours.

The morning fog covered the hospital inpatient department and the whole hospital was still asleep.

After parking the car, Fu Beijiu rushed upstairs in one quick step and stopped at the door of a ward.

Through the door and window, he saw his Lara.

There were no lights on in the ward, and the thin morning light from outside shone in and fell on her face, making her look pale and transparent.

It was said that she had over-transfused a young girl and her body had been drained, so she had been forced to be hospitalised ……

For the sake of a strange child, she had even disregarded her own life.