HC Chapter 1054

The night was getting darker and darker.

There was another knock on the door of the presidential suite.

This time it was Fu Beijiu’s room door that opened, and Rong Chang walked in step by step.

It was already late at night, two o’clock in the morning.

If he hadn’t experienced it himself, he wouldn’t have believed that someone really had the power to make a listed company disappear overnight.

He was still trying to fight back, but every minute, Rong’s evaporated 10 million ……

By this point, Rong’s had become almost an empty shell.

If we continue to consume, by the time the sun rises tomorrow, Rong’s will no longer exist, and even everyone in the Rong family will still be in debt.

Fu Beijiu was tapping on his notebook.

He looked up coldly: “Mr. Rong, please sit down.”

The attitude was polite and gentlemanly, but what he did was outrageous.

Rong Chang didn’t dare to say anything more and sat down in a seat far away as he said, “Mr. Fu, do you want to know about the Rong family’s adopted daughter?”

Fu Beijiu closed his notebook: “It seems that Mr. Rong is planning to come clean?”

Rong Chang choked.

Did he have a choice now?

It hadn’t even been half a day since he knew about Rong Yunyang’s identity, and the Rong family had already been subjected to retaliation.

“Rong Yunyang was adopted back by our Rong family four years ago, we went on a trip to the beach and found her lying motionless on the beach, so we brought her home ……”

Rong Chang’s voice rang out slowly in the living room.

Fu Beijiu listened carefully.

He had looked into it for a long time and could only find out about the three years of LaLa’s life, with one year lost in the middle.

He had used hacking techniques and still hadn’t found out.

He was planning to go to the dark net to find a competent person and check again carefully ……

But if Rong Chang could confess truthfully, there would be no need to bother looking for someone to find out.

“She was submerged in seawater for four or five days and her whole body was in a coma, so I took her to the hospital and it turned out that she was pregnant, the baby was like a month or so at that time, I can’t remember exactly ……”

“What did you say?!”

Fu Beijiu’s pupils tightened sharply.

He fiercely grabbed Rong Chang’s shoulders, “You said she was pregnant with a child?”

It was as if a piece of Rong Chang’s heart had been grabbed.

It was as if his little life was being pinched in his hands and could be crushed to death at any moment ……

He nodded with difficulty: “Yes, she is pregnant, the baby is more than a month old, she has been in a coma for a long, long time, and the baby is slowly growing inside her …… But her body was so weak that she was kept alive by infusions, the child was stunted and deficient in every way, and it died at birth ……”

Fu Beijiu’s heart instantly sank to the bottom.

The child that he had just learned existed, before he could rejoice, had ……

He closed his eyes with some pain.

He whispered, “You go on.”

Rong Chang didn’t even dare to look at him, “This time when she gave birth, Rong Yunyang hemorrhaged, and the doctors rescued her in an emergency, almost replacing all of her blood before they finally snatched back a life ……”

Fu Beijue’s lips were tightly tensed.

With just these three words, he could already imagine how much of a crisis it was ……

Having a hemorrhage in childbirth is not an accident, it happens to many women in labour, and the chances of such an accident happening were even higher when she was in a coma in labour ……

Good thing, she recovered a life.

Then, Fu Beijiu froze.

All over for blood ……