HC Chapter 105

Ye Xue Ying took Fu Zi Ling’s things and went straight to the Fu family.

As soon as she got out of the car, she saw Fu Zi Yan walking out with a condensed face.

“Zi Yan.”

Ye Xue Ying greeted her with big steps.

“Mother.” Fu Zi Yan greeted politely, “Ziling is in the bedroom, mother had better not go up to the first floor.”

Where there was Fu Zi Ling, Ye Xue Ying was not to go if she could.

Because that young master had never put her in the bottom of his eyes, there was no way she would go and make a fool of herself.

Ye Xue Ying handed the things in her hand to housekeeper Qiao and said softly, “Zi Yan, I have something I want to ask you for a favour.”

Fu Ziyan pursed his lips, “Please speak.”

“Zi Yan, I know your father has given you quite a few people, can you ask those people to help me look into Ye Yunla ……” Ye Xueying sighed with a sad expression, “Now Ye Yunla is the third largest shareholder of Ye Group, her every word and action affects Ye’s share price …… But I saw a little girl shouting for her mother this morning …… She’s not married yet, how can she have a child ……”

Fu Ziyan narrowed his eyes, “Mother wants me to check Ye Yunla’s privacy?”

“Her privacy is closely related to Ye’s group, find out before it’s too late your grandfather can also prepare before it’s too late.” Ye Xueying sighed quietly, “I know this matter has made things difficult for you, forget it, I’ll just send someone to check it out myself ……”

“Okay, I’ll check for you.”

Fu Ziyan nodded blandly.

“You guys are going too far!” Fu Zi Ling suddenly came downstairs, glaring at the two people in front of him with a face full of anger, “What does it have to do with you guys whether Auntie Yunla is married or not, whether she has children or not? It’s against the law for you to snoop on other people’s privacy in private! I’m going to have Uncle Police take you away, you bad witch!”

He rushed over in anger and gave Ye Xueying a strong push.

Ye Xueying stumbled back a step in her high heels, she held onto the railing to steady her body and said in a shocked voice, “Little Ling Ling, what did you just call Ye Yunla?”

Auntie Yunara?

Had she misheard?

Little Ling Ling was such a naughty and mischievous child, she had always shouted at her, either calling her a bad woman or a big witch ……

But now, little Ling Ling actually called Ye Yunla aunt ……

Ye Xueying’s face was full of disbelief, she squatted down and pressed Fu Ziling’s shoulders hard: “When did you meet Ye Yunla? She has ulterior motives for the Ye family, she came back this time just to get back at me! You are my son, the child I gave birth to in October, she approached you to get back at me! Little Ling Ling, come to your senses, don’t be fooled by this b*tch Ye Yunla!”

“You’re the b*tch!”

Fu Ziling pushed him away with force.

This time, he used all the strength in his body, and Ye Xue Ying was caught off guard, and his whole body fell backwards.

“Fu Ziling, what are you doing?!”

Fu Zi Yan shouted angrily.

Calling his own mother a b*tch and doing it to his own mother, how had his brother become like this?

“Fu Ziling, on the count of three, help your mother up.”

“I won’t!” Fu Ziling raised his chin stubbornly, “If you want to set up Auntie Yunla, then you are my enemies! I’ll never care about you guys again! Hmph!”

He turned around and stomped upstairs.

Ye Xue Ying’s heart felt as if it was being pinched, and trepidation struck in all directions.

Ye Yunla, this little b*tch, had only just returned to China, and she had managed to make Fu Ziling turn into this way for her ……

Is this the blood tie between biological mother and son?

Ye Xue Ying raised her head, her lips trembling as she spoke, “Zi Yan, have you, have you seen Ye Yunla?”

Fu Ziling’s dark eyes narrowed: “Mother, are you afraid? Can you tell me what you are afraid of?”