HC Chapter 104

As long as he could be in her life.

But now, Jingles offered to let him go.

“I’ll buy the earliest flight to leave tomorrow.” Feng Chengyu pulled the blanket over his face, “I’m tired, go to sleep.”

Ye Jingzhan silently carried the water basin into the bathroom.

He felt guilty and self-condemned, and his small face had unease written all over it.

No matter what, Uncle Feng had lent a helping hand to Mummy when she was in distress, yet he wanted to drive Uncle Feng away.

Wasn’t he being too selfish?


Early the next morning, when Ye Yunla went downstairs to make breakfast, the sofa was empty.

And there was a note on the dining room table, “Little Yara, my father summoned, I’ll go back first, see you next time.”

The corner of Ye Yunla’s mouth tugged.

Although Feng Chengyu was a rich second generation, this guy acted unreliably and his bank card had been frozen long ago.

Yesterday, he had forcibly returned her six million dollars, and I was afraid that the Feng family had been alerted long ago.

The Feng family summoning him back was also within her expectation.

“Mummy, has Uncle Feng left?”

Ye Jingzhan asked softly as he walked downstairs holding little Yinyin.

Ye Yunla looked back and was startled: “Jing’er, what’s wrong with you, why are the dark circles under your eyes so frightening?”

Ye Jingzhan rubbed his eyes, “There were mosquitoes last night, they kept buzzing and kept waking me up.”

“I’ll go and spray some medicine later.” Ye Yunla rubbed his hair, “You two hurry up and eat breakfast, then go to kindergarten.”

Ye Jingzhan was full of preoccupations, and as he nibbled on his bread, he asked, “Mummy, did Uncle Feng say anything to you before he left?”

“That guy runs around the world all year round, it’s a rare thing for him to stay in Haicheng for three days.” Ye Yunla said indifferently, “If you miss him, give him a call in a few days, he should fly over to see you.”

Ye Jingzhan shook his head, “No, I’m just asking.”

After breakfast, Ye Yunla drove the two children to the kindergarten.

Meanwhile, Ye Xue Ying took the car to Golden Sun Kindergarten.

Fu Ziling’s kindergarten teacher had called her and asked her to go to the school to pick up all of Fu Ziling’s books, clothes and toys.

She hadn’t wanted to make the trip, but had to come in person in order to repair her relationship with the two children.

She picked up her things from the teacher’s office and had just got into her car when she saw a red sports car parked in front of the kindergarten.

She had a red sports car of her own and couldn’t help but look at it twice.

Then, she saw Ye Yunla walking down with a child in her hand.

It was a girl.

White and soft-looking, pink and charming, she looked exactly the same as Ye Yunla when she was a child!

Ye Xue Ying’s eyes jawed wide!

Even without any evidence, she could conclude that this girl, must be Ye Yunla’s daughter!

This little girl, who looked three or four years old.

Could it be that immediately after Ye Yunla left the country four years ago, she had hooked up with some man again and had given birth to this little wild child?

Ye Xue Ying’s gaze clouded over.

She was about to take a closer look when the kindergarten’s school bus suddenly stopped at the entrance, blocking her view.

By the time the bus drove away, Ye Yunla’s figure had long since disappeared.

Ye Xueying even wondered if she had been mistaken.