HC Chapter 103

From the time Ye Jingzhan understood, Feng Chengyu was the person in their circle of life.

Sometimes when Mummy was busy with her life, Uncle Feng would come over to take them to school and would often take them out to play.

Many of the neighbours around misunderstood Uncle Feng as their father.

He knew that sooner or later they would return home, so he didn’t dare to think too much about it.

But a few days ago, Uncle Feng suddenly appeared in their world, and he thought, if Uncle Feng could marry Mummy, then wouldn’t there be one more person to protect Mummy?

But now, all the fantasies were shattered.

Uncle Feng had actually had that kind of affair with another woman, and even asked Mummy to go over there to relieve himself.

Ye Jingzhan regretted very much that he had called Feng Chengyu a daddy that day.

He walked up and said indifferently, “Mummy, you go and get busy, I’ll rub Uncle Feng’s body.”

Although Ye Yunla disliked Feng Chengyu, she did not want to let her son do such a thing.

As she wrung out the towel, she said, “It’s getting late, hurry up and get some rest.”

“Mummy, my sister just shouted that she was hungry, go and order a bowl of noodles for my sister, leave this to me.”

Ye Jingzhan said without moving.

Obviously, Little Yinyin’s needs always came first.

Ye Yunla threw down the towel and went to the kitchen.

Ye Jingzhan picked up the towel and pressed it heavily on Feng Chengyu’s face.

Feng Chengyu had been drinking and had already fallen asleep drunk, but he was smothered by this towel and was mostly awake.

“Little Jing’er, what are you doing, you almost suffocated me, do you know that?”

Ye Jingzhan said calmly, “Uncle Feng, you’ve been in Haicheng for three days, let’s go back to M tomorrow.”

Underneath this calm face of his, there were emotions that Feng Chengyu could not understand.

He pressed his stuffy brain and said unhappily, “Jing’er, your mother didn’t even kick me out, what are you doing?”

“If you stay in Haicheng, you’ll only cause trouble for Mummy, Mummy has to work and take care of me and my sister, it’s already hard enough.”

“I’m wrong Jing’er ……” Feng Chengyu instantly conceded, “Tonight was an accident, I promise, it will never happen again! Good Jing’er, didn’t you even call me daddy, don’t worry, I will take up the responsibility of being a daddy and protect you guys!”

“I called you daddy because I really wanted Uncle Feng to be a daddy to me and my sister, but Uncle Feng, you let me down too much.” Ye Jingzhan’s face was still covered with calmness, “If you are not worthy of mummy, then you are not qualified to be my and Yinyin’s daddy either, you can leave tomorrow morning.”

Feng Chengyu’s entire body froze.

Although he had often joked about marrying Ye Yunla and often said that he wanted to be the father of his two children, both he and Ye Yunla knew in their hearts that he had always been joking.

He had never thought that Jing’er would take it seriously.

If Jing’er had taken it seriously, then little Yinyin should have taken it seriously too.

In other words, the two children had looked forward to becoming a family with him.

But he had messed it up himself.

Feng Chengyu’s wine had completely sobered up.

Four years ago, he had met the lonely and helpless Ye Yunla on the streets of M. The first time he had seen her, he had fallen in love with her.

But this woman’s heart was made of stone, and he could not cover it up in any way.

Moreover, Ye Yunla felt that he had ill intentions and always ignored him.

Only later, after he finally had a girlfriend, did she reluctantly include him in her circle of life.

He kept trying to live in her world in such a clumsy way.

He had destroyed every possibility of being with her in order to paralyse her.

“Jing’er.” Feng Chengyu let out a bitter laugh, “I really don’t deserve your mummy, I know that better than anyone.”

He hadn’t thought of being worthy of her either.