HC Chapter 1014

Countless eyes swept over.

“Isn’t that the Heart of the Ocean around her neck that fetched a sky-high price some years ago?”

“This necklace was auctioned off by a mysterious person five years ago, could it be this lady?”

“But I haven’t seen such a young lady from any of the gentry in the city, she looks so familiar.”

“Why do I think that the necklace around her neck is an imitation? Who wears last year’s dress to a party? Who wears last year’s dress to a party? You can’t afford the new seasonal models, but you can wear the Heart of the Ocean, do you think this is possible?”

“If it’s an imitation, it’s made too real.”


Rong Himawari walked in the banquet hall, feeling the gazes of countless people falling on her.

She straightened her chest, making the Heart of the Ocean around her neck even more conspicuous.

The three children sitting in the corner were instantly startled.

“The Heart of the Ocean!” Fu Zi Ling suppressed his excitement, “Mummy was wearing the Heart of the Ocean the night she disappeared!”

Fu Ziyan held him down, “She doesn’t look the same as Mummy.”

Fu Jingzhan raised his hand and called for a waiter, “Go over and ask what the origin of the lady wearing the blue diamond necklace is.”

The waiter hurriedly and respectfully went.

Fu Zi Ling murmured, “Do you guys still remember, I had a dream before, I dreamed that mummy changed her face and became another person, although her appearance and body changed, she was still our mummy ……”

Fu Ziyan was silent and didn’t say anything.

They had experienced too much four years ago, watching daddy go from being the president of Fu to being the leader of the Black Party.

They also watched the gentle and smiling mommy turn into a person who likes to lose her temper and has an extreme personality ……

In this world, anything is possible.

The first thing you need to do is to get a new face.

That’s why Yum Yum stammered when she mentioned Mummy.

The waiter soon returned, “That young lady’s surname is Rong, she is from the Yuncheng Rong family and followed her elder brother to Haicheng for a project.”

Fu Ziling became even more excited: “A Cloud City native with the surname Rong, it matches up with what big brother has checked, and she’s carrying the Heart of the Ocean around her neck, and the key thing is that it was daddy himself who brought her into the banquet hall tonight. A man like Daddy, do you think, would bring an inexplicable woman into the venue?”

Fu Ziyan and Fu Jingzhan were still silent.

“I’ll go over and try it out, you guys wait!”

Fu Zi Ling put down the things in his hands, lifted his steps and stomped over.

Rong Xianyu walked down the banquet hall, a gla*s of champagne in her hand.

Because the difference between the dress she was wearing and the Heart of the Ocean was too great, the people around her couldn’t figure out who she was, and for a while no one came over to strike up a conversation.

Her eyes skimmed over everyone present and was about to blend in with the circle of celebrities when a child appeared in her gaze.

The child was about eight or nine years old, wearing a black suit and bow tie, looking like a prince out of a fairy tale.

Rong Himawari looked a little dumbfounded.

Just then, the child rushed towards her and ran headlong into her, while the gla*s of wine in the child’s hand just splashed a drop onto her powder blue gown dress.

“My gown!”

Rong Himawari stared in shock.

She had spent two hundred thousand dollars to get this dress, and she hadn’t even worn it for an hour before the wine was splashed all over it ……

Where did this bear child come from!

Rong Himei was furious and raised her hand to slap over.