HC Chapter 1013

Fu Beijue’s body leaned forward.

His deep gaze looked at the woman in front of him and spoke in a slow voice: “Since you have chosen to cooperate with the Fu Group, you must have looked up about me, right?”

Rong Yunyang did not deny: “There is news of Mr. Fu’s divorce on the internet, is it true?”

“It can be said to be true, or it can be said to be false.” There was a thick sentiment hidden in Fu Beijiu’s voice, “We are not officially divorced, but she and I have been separated for four years, what do you think this is?”

What happened between other people’s couples, Rong Yunyang didn’t want to ask too much.

She pursed her lips and continued, “According to you, your daughter has also not seen her mother for four years?”

Fu Beijue looked at her and for a moment was lost for words.

He didn’t know what to say, or how to go round these four years of separation and pain ……

He didn’t want to lie, one lie after another would push his Lara further away ……

But he couldn’t tell the truth ……

He was in a whirlwind getting deeper and deeper.

Rong Yunyang looked into his eyes, when he first saw them, he only felt that his eyes were like cold knives, with a harsh coldness.

But now, his eyes were like a lake with hidden mountains and seas, and more like a magnet that sucked her in deeply ……

The first thing you need to do is to get to know the person you are talking to.

His face slowly approached.

Rong Yunyang’s breath was stifled and her entire body tensed into a thread.

She raised her hand to push the man away, but her hand could not exert any strength ……

In the moment she hesitated, the man’s lips covered hers, and the cold lips instantly became hot.

The man’s dominant, fierce a*sault plundered the air in her mouth a little, and she was almost suffocated, like a fish stranded on the brink of death ……

It was clear that he had just been talking about his wife and daughter, so how did it suddenly develop into this ……



It was like a pot of cold water fell from the sky and landed on top of Rong Yunyang’s head.

Her entire body instantly sobered up and she raised her foot and kicked hard, hitting the man squarely in the abdomen ……

She quickly got up and took a step backwards, “Mr. Fu, please behave yourself!”

Fu Beijiu wiped the lipstick on his thin lips, his voice was hoarse to the extreme: “Lara …… Miss Rong, can I call you Lara?”

“No.” Rong Yunyang’s whole person was cold and hard to the extreme, “If there is a next time, I can only sue Mr. Fu for sexual hara*sment.”

She finished speaking and angrily walked out of the lounge.

She didn’t understand how she had gotten herself into this!

A married man, a man with a child, was she crazy to let that man kiss her for so long ……

She wiped her lips hard, only to find that her lips were surprisingly a little swollen.

She hurriedly took out a small mirror from her bag and looked at it, and it was really swollen, her lipstick haloed and woefully out of place.

She came to the banquet tonight, she still has very important things to talk about, but now, nothing can be discussed ……

The actual fact is that there are few times when Rong Yunyang is so angry, even when she is being squeezed by Rong Hengyu explicitly or implicitly, she does not have any mood swings at all, but now ……

She glared back at that lounge in annoyance and left early through the side door.

At this time the banquet had just begun.

A car pulled up in front of the banquet hall, the door was pushed open and a woman stepped out of the car.

She was wearing a powder blue, bare-shouldered dress, the dress pink and eye-catching, and what drew the most attention was the necklace around her neck.