HC Chapter 1003

Rong Yunyang brought many snacks and toys that children like and the orphanage children were jumping and dancing with joy.

After dropping the little grapes off, she should have left.

But looking at the little girl’s glazed eyes, she suddenly felt reluctant to leave.

In half an hour there would be a couple coming to adopt the baby, and since the little grapes were so cute, there was a good chance that they would be adopted.

She was curious to know which couple would be the parents of little Grapes.

“Auntie Rong, can you spend more time with me?”

Little Grapes hooked her sleeve around Rong Yunyang’s and said pitifully.

Rong Yunyang picked her up: “Of course you can.”

Not far away, in the corner, there was a four-year-old child hiding, it was Gogo who had just left in anger.

In the past, she had been everyone’s favourite child at the orphanage, but as Little Grapes grew up day by day, everyone’s eyes fell on her.

Some of the uncles and aunts who came to the orphanage to offer their love and care were the first to give Little Grapes anything tasty and fun.

Every time a couple came to adopt a child, they were eager to take Little Grapes home with them.

But these couples all wanted to adopt boys, so for all these years, although she was jealous of Little Grapes, she never did anything too much.

Until yesterday, when she heard the mother of the head gardener say that the remaining boys at the orphanage were all physically handicapped, but one couple wanted to adopt a healthy child, so only a girl could be chosen.

She knew her chance had come.

So early in the morning, she tricked Little Grapes out, but now the couple who had adopted the child hadn’t even arrived yet, and Little Grapes was back.

And brought back such a beautiful and gentle aunt.

Seeing Rong Yunyang and Little Grapes hugging and talking intimately together, Guo Guo’s jealous eyes were almost dripping with water.

She came out from the corner and beckoned, “Little Grapes, come over here for a moment, I’ll apologise to you.”

Little Grapes hurriedly jumped off Rong Yunyang’s body, “Auntie Rong, I’ll go talk to sister Gogo, wait for me.”

As soon as she reached the corner, Little Grapes was dragged in by Guoguo.

“You’re very proud of yourself now aren’t you?” Gogo tugged at Little Grapes’ collar and said through gritted teeth, “Today you will have a mother and father, you will soon be able to leave the orphanage, aren’t you very happy?”

Little Grapes’ eyes widened, “Sister Gogo, didn’t you say you wanted to apologise to me?”

“It should be you who apologises to me!” Gogo lowered her voice, “You’re taking away my mum and dad, you’re taking away the home that belongs to me, you’re the worst kid in the world!”

“No, no, I’m not!” Little Grapes took a step back, “I don’t want to leave the orphanage, I don’t want to leave my mother the head gardener, I don’t want to leave so many little friends ……”

“You’re lying!”

Gogo yanked her hard.

The biggest dream of all the children in the orphanage was to have a mommy and daddy, the biggest hope was to have a home of their own.

“You’re scratching me. ……”

Little Grapes shrank back a little in fear.

Guoguo gave another tug and a necklace hanging around Little Grapes’ neck was torn and fell to the ground.

It was a jasper-colored jade pendant with a dark auspicious cloud engraved on it.

Guoguo immediately picked it up: “If you snatch my mum and dad, this is mine! If I am adopted, this jade pendant will be returned to you!”

After she finished speaking, she turned her head and walked away.