DYM Chapter 2223

“I offer six billion divine crystals for the Absolute Saint Golden Bone Arrow.” Ye Mo saw that Wen Deshui had become good and did not continue to make his move, and immediately made an offer.

To others, it was obvious that Ye Mo’s offer was to upset Wen Deshui and wanted to snatch the Absolute Saint Golden Bone Arrow into his own hands. This was certainly not the case for Ye Mo, he wanted the Absolute Saint Golden Bone Arrow in the first place. Six billion divine crystals he did not have, if it became a success, he would ask Jiao Egg to borrow it, if Jiao Egg did not borrow it, he would exchange it with pills.

Ao Kui only calmed down his shock at this point, not to mention the unimaginable shock Shadowless gave him, but he didn’t expect Ye Mo to give him an even bigger shock. This was not a Dao Yuan Saint Emperor, it was clearly an extremely terrifying Mixed Yuan Saint Emperor. A Mixed Yuan Saint Emperor with a Tai Chu Divine Pattern, could it be simple?

He would never believe that Ye Mo, a Dao Yuan Saint Emperor, could resist a third-step Mixed Yuan great power, not to mention him, or to any other person.

Although Zhuge Zhichen originally knew that Ye Mo was good, he didn’t really put Ye Mo in his eyes. However, this sparring match between Ye Mo and Wen Deshui immediately shook him to his core. He knew very well that even if he and Ye Mo were to go up against each other, if that terrifying divine beast was added to the mix, he might not be able to win with certainty, and there was even the possibility of losing. How could such a Hybrid Saint Emperor appear in that place of the Sacred Dao Ruined Realm, which had no resources and was in ruins everywhere? Was the human race about to rise?

After Ao Kui calmed down, he immediately said with a smile, “Since Ye Dan Sage has bid six hundred thousand divine crystals, of course ……”

“I’ll offer ten billion divine crystals.” Wen Deshui suddenly offered again.

At this time all people knew that the Sea Clan’s Mixed Saint Emperor Wen Deshui and Ye Mo were at a pinch, this was no longer about the Jedi Saint Golden Bone Arrow, but about fighting for a breath of air.

Ye Mo was not the least bit angry and said. “Since that’s the case ……”

All the people thought that Ye Mo would not want it anymore. Ten billion divine crystals to buy an arrow without a bow was really not worth it. If there was a Jedi Saint Golden Bone Bow. This price plus a few times more would not be expensive. But without the Absolute Saint Golden Bone Bow, this price would be outrageous.”

Just when Wen Deshui also thought that Ye Mo would not continue to waste divine crystals, Ye Mo suddenly looked at him and smiled, “I’ll offer one Starry Sky Dao Dan, it’s a special grade oh.”

“What ……”

When Ye Mo’s price was quoted, almost all the people froze. What kind of person would use a Starry Sky Dao Dan in exchange for a single Absolute Saint Golden Bone Arrow?

A Starry Sky Dao Dan was simply something extremely difficult to refine, let alone a special grade. If such a pellet was given to a Dao Transformation Perfection Saint Emperor, it would be something that one would beg for even if one were to pour out one’s family’s money. Even if it was a Dao Yuan Saint Emperor or a Mixed Saint Emperor. When faced with the Starry Sky Dao Pill, they were just as unable to be indifferent, who wouldn’t want such a pill?

The Dao Dao Pill was not only useful for helping Dao Transformation Saint Emperors to understand the Dao Rhythm Laws and advance to Dao Yuan, but it could also help Dao Yuan and Mixed Yuan Saint Emperors to understand the Astral Divine Aptitude, which was a Dao Star Pill at the same time.

This kind of pills required a Dao Yuan Dan Saint, and the best Dao Yuan Dan Saint at that, to be able to refine it. The Starry Sky Lotus was already incredibly precious, and this Dao Fruit Divine Pill was refined from the Starry Sky Lotus, so it was obviously even more precious than the Starry Sky Lotus.

Ye Mo taking out the Starry Sky Dao Pill in exchange for a separate Absolute Saint Golden Bone Arrow was no longer as simple as defeat. However, when everyone thought of the fact that Ye Mo was a Dao Yuan Dan Saint, they were relieved.

It was the Empyrean Saint Emperor and the Tianrui Saint Emperor who knew that Ye Mo still had at least a few Starry Sky Dao Pills on him. The few Starry Sky Dao Pills that were auctioned off by the Void Market Merchant House at the beginning must have come from Ye Mo. The Void Merchant House had made a huge profit with those few Starry Sky Dao Pills.

Wen Deshui was suddenly confused, was there still such a person? Even if he wanted to fight for a breath of fresh air. He didn’t have to exchange the Starry Sky Dao Pill for the Absolute Saint Golden Bone Arrow, did he? How else could he continue to bid?

Ao Kui didn’t even wait for Wen Deshui to make a bid, and immediately said, “Okay, I’ll exchange.”

If he didn’t exchange it at this point, what else did he want?

Using a Starry Sky Dao Pill to exchange for the eighth Absolute Saint Golden Bone Arrow, this surprised Ye Mo. All the people thought that he didn’t get a good deal on this arrow, but only he knew that he got a good deal, not only a good deal, but also a great deal. Others thought he had made a bad deal because no one knew he had the Golden Bone Bow.

Although the first transaction was quite stormy, it was finally completed. Although Ye Mo obtained the Absolute Saint Golden Bone Arrow, he was perceived as a guy with an impulsive personality who did not consider the consequences.

Zhuge Zhichen was the second to stand out, he took out a huge egg that emitted golden light and said, “This is an egg of the divine beast Flying Flame Divine Ant, I also replace it when I have something that I like.”

Ye Mo secretly sighed, it was true that when it came to a trade fair of this level, there were no bad things at all. This guy called Zhuge Zhichen still couldn’t pick up girls, if he could pick up girls he should have given the giant egg of the Flying Flame God Ant to Ao Man instead of giving a ball of flame.

The Flying Flame God Ant is an extremely rare divine beast, and the highest cultivation level of this beast can advance to the equivalent of the Dao Yuan level. Moreover, once the Flying Flame God Ant had advanced to a certain level, its speed was extremely fast and definitely not worse than that of an extremely high quality flying divine weapon.

Not only that, but the Flying Flame God Ant will be covered in a circle of golden flames after it has advanced to the divine level, looking extremely beautiful.

Although that violet flame was not as good as the Flying Flame God Ant in terms of grade, the girl would definitely prefer the Flying Flame God Ant’s egg in comparison.

As expected, after seeing Zhuge Zhichen take out the giant Flying Flame God Ant egg, Ao Man, who was sitting beside Ao Xi, immediately showed a desire in her eyes, obviously she was very eager to obtain this giant egg. Unfortunately, she also knew that even if she was a member of the Dragon Clan’s public, it was still hopeless for her to exchange for the Flying Flame Divine Ant Giant Egg, which could not be exchanged for divine crystals.

“I’ll offer a Golden Light Xuan Guo in exchange for the Flying Flame God Ant.” To Ye Mo’s surprise, the first person to make an offer was Tang Conghan, the Phoenix Clan’s Hybrid Saint Emperor, a Hybrid Saint Emperor who looked as if she was a young girl. But Ye Mo still had a good feeling about her, just because she had spoken on Ye Mo’s side several times. Regardless of what her intentions were, it was great to do so.

What puzzled Ye Mo was that Tang Conghan was of the Phoenix tribe, and was supposedly a phoenix in her original form. The phoenix was proud of the nine heavens and was already extremely fast. Why did he still need to buy the giant eggs of the Flying Flame God Ant? A phoenix standing on a Flying Flame God Ant even came to Ye Mo’s mind, and that image was really a bit comical.

Zhuge Zhichen faintly shook his head and said, “One Golden Light Xuan Guo is not enough, if it was two Mixed Yuan Xuan Dan I would be willing to exchange them.”

The Golden Light Xuan Guo was a Dao fruit that allowed the Mixed Yuan Sage Emperor to recover his divine essence, but unfortunately the recovery rate was not very fast and one could only recover once. But a Mixed Yuan Xuan Dan made from the Golden Light Xuan Guo was different, a single dan could instantly restore 60% of a Mixed Yuan Saint Emperor’s divine essence.

If two Mixed Origin Saint Emperors with similar cultivation levels fought and one had a Mixed Origin Xuan Dan, it was almost a sure win.

Tang Conghan said with some disappointment, “Then I’ll add another two billion divine crystals.”

“That’s not enough either.” Zhuge Zhichen still said.

However, Ye Mo suddenly said, “Immortal Friend Tang, you helped me quite a lot before, if you are willing, I can immediately turn your Golden Light Xuan Guo into a Mixed Element Xuan Dan, it’s only half an incense time.”

Ye Mo was not bragging with these words, if he was still using the divine flame, it would take more than half an hour to refine a mixed element Xuan Dan. Now that his fire spirit Xiao Qing had advanced to a sacred flame, refining a furnace pellet by saying half a column of incense was already considered long.

Although the Mixed Origin Xuan Dan could instantly restore 60% of a Mixed Origin Saint Emperor’s divine essence, the rank was only a kind of Dao Fruit Divine Pill that could be refined by a Dao Origin Dan Saint.

“Dan Saint Ye, you can help me refine the Mixed Origin Xuan Dan?” Tang Conghan immediately asked in surprise, even forgetting about changing the Flying Flame God Ant.

“As long as you are willing to trust me, of course you can.” Ye Mo said with certainty.

Tang Conghan hurriedly and eagerly said, “Of course I believe you ……”

Before the words even fell, she had already given the jade box in her hand to Ye Mo. Mixed Yuan Xuan Dan others needed, she also needed ah. Once she had the Mixed Yuan Xuan Dan, other Mixed Yuan Saint Emperors would need to weigh in if they wanted to deal with her.

Hearing that Ye Mo wanted to help Tang Conghan refine the pills on the spot, the rest of the Saint Emperors also stopped continuing the exchange and looked at Ye Mo. After all, a Dao Yuan Dan Saint refining pills was something that no one had ever seen before, it was not something that could be seen casually.

Of course Ye Mo knew what these people were thinking, he smiled slightly, stood up and said, “I like to be quiet when I’m refining pills, so I’m going to put a ban on it.”

He was not going to expose his alchemy to the sight of others, even if he was going to refine a pill, he would still use a forbidden system to block it. His flame was the Sacred Flame Qing Ru Xiao Tian, something that was even more precious than an innate magic treasure. On top of that, his dan furnace was by no means an ordinary thing. The divine Nong Furnace, even now Ye Mo had not figured it out.

It would never be possible for him to expose these good things in front of so many Mixed Saint Emperors.

Immediately after Ye Mo casually struck a few prohibitions and disappeared into this great hall, the Saint Emperors sitting here discovered that the prohibitions Ye Mo had casually struck were actually top level prohibitions.

Although there were not many people who were weak in formation and forbidden systems when they had cultivated to the level of Mixed Saint Emperors. However, if Ye Mo had struck such a level of forbidden system with such a light touch, he was definitely a master among formation experts.

Of course Ye Mo’s prohibition was only struck casually, if some Mixed Saint Emperors wanted to use their divine sense to break the prohibition, it would be a very simple matter. But once a Saint Emperor did so, it would be tantamount to forming a deadly hatred with the person who set up the forbidden system, a hatred that would last forever.

With the anticlimax that Ye Mo had shown before, no one would be willing to form a deadly enmity with a Dan Dao Saint Emperor like Ye Mo. Even Wen Deshui didn’t dare to do so, although he and Ye Mo had hatred, it hadn’t reached the point of a deadly feud. Once he dared to blast through the ban on Ye Mo’s alchemy, then with the strength Ye Mo had shown before, it would definitely be a clan extermination hatred.