DYM Chapter 2060

One of the strings of the zither was broken by the twisting pattern of the Purple Bamboo Basket, making a crunching sound. The purple-blade chop was also directly bounced away by the string of the ancient zither, unable to continue hitting the Daoist Saint Emperor.

The powerful spatial clash caused Ye Mo and the Nurtured Dao Saint Emperor to each retreat several steps backwards before they stood up. However, anyone with a discerning eye could see that the one who had taken the initiative to provoke Ye Mo was at a disadvantage during the hasty and swift exchange of blows just now.

Ye Mo could only secretly sigh that his Purple Grade was too low, otherwise with a simple blade pattern, the other party would not have broken just one string.

This Yudao Saint Emperor knew that he was no match for Ye Mo as soon as they exchanged blows, and while he was shocked in his heart, he turned his gaze towards the Yun Li Saint Emperor.

Saint Emperor Yun Li snorted coldly and suddenly clasped his fist and said, “I suspect that the fruit tree Ye Mo put away is a Dao fruit, those who are willing to share the Dao fruit will come forward.”

After saying that, he had already grabbed a green foggy ma*s that could not be seen as a magic treasure and stopped in front of Ye Mo, while sweeping his gaze at the surrounding Saint Emperors. Especially when he saw Saint Emperor Mu Mao, his gaze was even more concerned. As long as Saint Emperor Mu Mao stood out, they would have two Dao of Transformation here, and Ye Mo would not be able to get away even if he had three heads and six arms.

What was unexpected was that Saint Emperor Mu Mao did not respond to his gaze, he just put his head down and seemed to be thinking.

Immediately, Saint Emperor Yun Li frowned a little, Ye Mo was just a rootless and scattered cultivator, he couldn’t figure out why Saint Emperor Mu Mao should have such an attitude. Not to mention that Ye Mo was rootless, even if he had a big backer, killing Ye Mo in this Divine Grave Domain would have no half effect.

Just at this time, another cold hum rang out and a Saint Emperor with extremely thin eyes wearing a light purple immortal robe stood out. The other side of Ye Mo’s path was blocked.

This Saint Emperor Ye Mo knew. He was the one who had almost been killed by him. The guy who tried to sneak up on him. This guy’s magic treasure was the Taiji Xuan Shui Nail, a very powerful magic treasure, but that nail was put away by Ye Mo.

The Yun Li Sage Emperor was happy in his heart, he was looking for someone, not because he was afraid of not being able to defeat Ye Mo, but because he was afraid that Ye Mo would use his tricks to escape. Now that the three were in horns, Ye Mo definitely could not escape. But he did not make a move, still sweeping his gaze towards the remaining three.

Taking down Ye Mo was simple. Distributing it would not be simple. If everyone made a move, then it would be better to split it equally. He didn’t believe that when they got the goodies later, the people next to them would be indifferent.

“Shameless thing, I, Kan Zitong, will stand next to Brother Ye and see who dares to make a move?” Seeing that Yun Li, a Hua Dao, still had to find helpers to deal with Ye Mo, Kan Zitong could not hold back long ago. She was direct in nature, not to mention that Ye Mo had helped her, even if Ye Mo had not helped her, she would still stand up and speak out.

When the Yun Li Holy Emperor saw Kan Zitong helping Ye Mo, his heart sank. At the side there was still Ben a Ji Xi who did not speak. He did not doubt the words of the white-faced scholar at the beginning, he had always thought that Ji Shi and Ye Mo had something to do with each other. Now Ji Shi did not say anything. Once the fight broke out, Ji Shi would most likely help Ye Mo. Coupled with the fact that Saint Emperor Mu Mao was playing dumb, Saint Emperor Yun Li was no longer half sure that he could no longer eat Ye Mo.

He glanced at the two of them, Ji Xi and Mu Mao Saint Emperor, before he coldly snorted and said, “Farewell.”

When the other two Yuk Dao Saint Emperors who had stopped Ye Mo saw that the Yun Li Saint Emperor was leaving, they even dared not even say a word and immediately brought up two vanishings and disappeared without a trace.

“Gutless grandson.” Kan Zitong sneered disdainfully as he looked at the three people who were quickly fleeing.

Seeing that Yun Li’s trio had already gone, the Wood Mao Saint Emperor gave Ye Mo a fist hug and smiled, “I’ll also take my leave, Brother Ye will meet again later.”

Ye Mo laughed coldly in his heart, he knew what Mu Mao Saint Emperor feared about him, it was his Tai Chou divine Pattern. This old man wanted to finish himself off again, but he was afraid that his old bones wouldn’t be able to stop his Tai Chou Divine Pattern.

“Thanks to Big Sister Zitong for her help.” Although Ye Mo had cultivated to a Saint Emperor, he wasn’t very old and hadn’t been in contact with those high and mighty Saint Emperors for a long time, so he didn’t have much to say between his words.

When Kan Zitong heard Ye Mo call her big sister, she smiled and said, “I don’t know how many years it’s been since I’ve heard someone call me big sister, this is a new way to call me, but I like it. Ye Mo, that Mu Mao looks like he is somewhat scornful of you.”

Ye Mo didn’t hide it and nodded straight away, “That guy is most vocal, he originally wanted to sneak up on me, but he was just scared by me and didn’t make a move.”

Kan Zitong also didn’t ask about the process, he just said to Ye Mo, “Then I have to go first, you take care of yourself.”

There were a few fools who had cultivated to the Dao of Transformation. She had cultivated to the Dao of Transformation, so of course she believed somewhat in the words of the white-faced scholar. It was Ji Shi and Ye Mo who might have some relationship, and now that Ji Shi was here, she didn’t want to be a light bulb.

“Is Big Sister Zitong going to the Nirvana Forbidden Land?” Ye Mo asked in a hurry.

Kan Zitong said casually, “My current cultivation level is still too low to go to the Nirvana Forbidden Land, I suggest you don’t go now either, below Dao Yuan cultivation level, going to the Nirvana Forbidden Land is nine deaths. Not to mention going to the Nirvana Forbidden Land, you can’t even cross the Nirvana Bridge. I’m going to seek Dao Yuan elsewhere, and once I step into Dao Yuan, I’ll go to the Nirvana Forbidden Land to take a look.”

Ye Mo took out the Taiji Xuan Shui Nail and gave it to Kan Zitong and said, “Big sister Zitong, I don’t have much else, but I have a lot of magic treasures, I have no use for this Taiji Xuan Shui Nail, so I’ll give it to you.”

“Good magic treasure.” Kan Zitong’s divine sense casually swept over the Taiji Xuan Shui Nail and knew that this nail was extraordinary.

“Thank you, Brother Ye, I happen to be short of one such magic treasure.” Kan Zitong was straightforward in nature, and when Ye Mo gave her the magic treasure, she felt that it was a good one and accepted it straight away.

After putting away the magic treasure, she gave a meaningful glance at Ji Xi on the other side, then cupped her fist and said, “I’ll take my leave, there will definitely be another chance to meet again in the Divine Grave Domain.”

After saying that, Kan Zitong turned around and left, disappearing in an instant.

Ye Mo knew that Ji Xie didn’t leave, he must be looking for him for something, and he also had to find this woman for something. The Three Treasures Mixed Yuan Gourd was in Ji Xi’s hands, he had a gourd bottom, as long as he took the Three Treasures Mixed Yuan Gourd over, he would have a truly powerful magic treasure.

“The two of us will make a deal, I will still take you to the Nirvana Forbidden Land and you will give me the gourd bottom. If we manage to meet Jane Kui on the way, you will do me a favour and snatch the Green Vase back from his hands.” Ji Xi saw Ye Mo looking at her and took the initiative to say.

Ye Mo sneered, “I’m going to give you the bottom of the gourd and also help you snatch back the Green Vase. The condition is just having the chance to follow you around, right? Do you smell good? I want to follow you around? I don’t want to pick you up, so why should I let you take advantage of me?”

“I said I’ll take you to the Nirvana Forbidden Land.” Ji Xi’s face suddenly turned ugly.

“Sorry, I can go to the Nirvana Forbidden Land by myself, I don’t need your help.” Ye Mo replied dryly.

A hint of sarcasm appeared in Ji Shi’s eyes, “You really did make excuses to follow me in the first place, why don’t you continue to make excuses? First you said you didn’t know where the Nirvana Forbidden Land was, and now you say you do, you’re really fickle.”

Ye Mo was too lazy to explain to her about Kong Chengtian and said as if he hadn’t heard Ji Xi’s words, “Ji Xi, give me your gourd, what are the conditions you have to say.”

The bottom of the gourd was in his own hand, others didn’t know, but Ji Xi knew exactly, Ye Mo didn’t need to hide it in front of her.

Ji Xi’s body swayed slightly, bringing up a cloud of white light, that white light instantly disappeared into the distance, only her voice remained in the same place, “Bring the green vase on Jane Kui’s body and exchange it with me for the gourd, otherwise it’s free.”

In Ye Mo’s heart, Ji Xi was really not very good. In fact, in Ji Shi’s heart, Ye Mo was just as bad. In her mind, she had already given Ye Mo an Absolute Saint Golden Bone Arrow before, so if Ye Mo wanted to do her a favour, he shouldn’t ask for a gourd again.

In just a short time, the place became cold and empty once again. Ye Mo didn’t care, he had to find a place to see what the one grey stripe fruit he had obtained was, and if it was as he had guessed, it could improve his Tai Primordial Divine Pattern divine ability.

He had already tried the power of the Tai Chou Divine Pattern several times, and with his current cultivation level he could directly eat up the Yuk Dao Saint Emperor with the Tai Chou Divine Pattern. If this kind of Dao fruit could really take his Tai Chou Divine Pattern to another level, then he would have nothing to fear even if he came across a Dao Transformation Saint Emperor.